4 Interesting Business Ideas Utilizing the Cloud

Cloud computing has significantly transformed the way businesses operate. One only needs to see the explosion in the number of companies adopting Cloud solutions to see that many organizations understand its many benefits. As companies become more familiar with the Cloud, they also begin to come up with unique ideas for how to utilize it. However it happens, innovative ideas are set to be unleashed upon the public. These interesting Cloud business ideas proposed by businesses have plenty of potential. Here are just a few that have captured people’s attention.

1. GunDetect

Gun safety is on the minds of many people these days, so it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that some companies are hoping to use technology to prevent gunshot injuries and fatalities. GunDetect is one such business idea that looks to use a Cloud-based device to detect when a gun enters the home. The idea is that the camera used on the device will take an image, encrypt it, send it to the cloud, and determine if it is a gun or not. If a firearm is detected, an alert can be sent out via text message, notifying the user that a gun has entered the home. The same can be done if a firearm that’s already kept in the house is being handled by those who shouldn’t be touching it (children, for instance). This use of the Cloud looks to increase home safety while still promoting an innovative idea.

2. IndoorAtlas

GPS navigation has become a permanent feature of smartphones, tablets, and other devices, but what about when a traveler enters a large building or store? GPS systems usually fail at helping people navigate while indoors, which is why IndoorAtlas hopes its Cloud-based technology will catch on in the same way GPS once did. Imagine having geolocation on a smartphone that indicates where specific items can be found in a large grocery store. Or perhaps someone wants to find exactly where a conference is being held in a massive convention center. IndoorAtlas is looking to use what Cloud computing to get people where they need to go when they’re off the roads. This Cloud idea also opens up the possibility of integrating marketing and special offers directly into the geolocation service. Overall, the goal is to make experiences and activities indoors more enjoyable and much easier.

3. Relocality

When it comes time to move, finding the perfect place to live can be a challenging task. Luckily, one company aims to use the Cloud along with the capabilities of Big Data analytics to show people what neighborhoods would be the best fit for them. The business is Relocality, and it works by taking information from a user’s social media profile – more specifically their Facebook profile – and analyzing the data to see what their tastes and preferences are. Based off of this information, the company can recommend where movers should go by matching them with neighborhoods where people with similar interests and profiles live. This could make the process of moving a lot smoother than it normally is.

4. Cloudinary

Managing a website is far from easy, particularly when it comes to managing the media involved, such as images and videos. Cloudinary is one business idea designed to ensure that management is made efficient, especially for companies that have large websites containing thousands of images. This Software-as-a-Service company not only lets businesses manage their images, they can also change those images quickly, whether it be resizing them or modifying them in some other way. Cloudinary also has extended these features into the realm of videos. Considering some of the customers that use Cloudinary – Indiegogo and Dropbox to name a couple – it’s clear that businesses find the service valuable.

Whether it be from increasing home safety to finding better places to live, the cloud is allowing unique ideas to flourish. The technology has increased the innovative potential of companies all over the world. As Cloud computing matures, these interesting ideas are only expected to grow in number.

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