4 Tech-Savvy Solutions for Making Your Everyday Life Easier

Technology helps us solve age-old problems, some big and dramatic, others small and mundane. However, these small things add up, and you will be amazed how much difference a device that takes care of some everyday activity can make in your life. So let’s take a look at four high-tech solutions that take care of low-tech issues.

1. Replace All Your Discount Cards with One

Various discount and bonus card can go a long way in saving your money, but they have an unfortunate tendency to quickly grow in number, occupying the entirety of your wallet. As a result, you will often opt out of carrying all of them around and end up forgetting exactly the card you need when you go to a particular store. Slimcard offers a way out – it’s a single card-sized device that keeps all the data about discounts and bonuses you are entitled to within – and easily fits into your wallet.

2. Track Your Running Workouts with Sport Watches

Running is undoubtedly the most popular and widespread way of keeping yourself fit. However, there is a world of difference between running haphazardly and running in a way that will benefit you in the long run. In order to do it, you need feedback: distance, routes, pace, heart rate and so on. Of course, there are smartphone apps that aim to perform these functions, but they give off only limited and often inaccurate readings, leading to incorrect assumptions and constant annoyance. If you approach running seriously, you should consider buying a running watch – a wearable device specifically designed to provide all the necessary information about your workout with maximum precision.

3. Control Your Home Heating via Smartphone

Hive Active Heating is a system that aims to make controlling temperature in your house into an easy and intuitive task. It combines the hub, the receiver and the thermostat that are connected with your heating system, and a smartphone app that allows you to control heating and hot water no matter how far you are from home. As a result you may, for example, turn the heating off when leaving for the day and turn it back on an hour before coming back to save on energy bills, all with a tap on your smartphone.

4. Feed and Talk to Your Pets Remotely

Pet lovers who have to leave their four-legged friends alone at home for long often face the problem of feeding and watching over them when they are not around. How to make sure your pet doesn’t eat everything you left for it the first hour of your three-day absence? How to make sure it gets enough fresh water? How to find out if it is alright right now? High-tech feeders like Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder solve these problems – they allow you to set timers to issue food and water, take a look at what your pet is doing right now and even talk to it remotely.

These things may not look like much but, after all, our lives consist mostly of mundane activities – and everything that takes this load off us gives us more time and energy to deal with things that really matter.

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