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Why Time Tracking Is Essential for Web Developers

We are all used to the saying “time is money.” And nevertheless, many of us have a hard time both adopting this viewpoint to our daily lives and having others see that our time is indeed precious. Web developers, coders, and programmers constitute one of...


5 Ways to Promote Your App

With at least 1.5 million apps in App Store alone creating a high-quality, well-designed, useful app is no longer a guaranteed way to success – not by a long shot. In order to make your app popular and earn money through it, you have...


Effective Ways to Keep Communications Costs Low

Communications costs have the potential to cripple a startup business that has a limited budget. However, the latest Internet and mobile technologies can dramatically lower these start-up communications costs. Here are some of the most effective ways to achieve this. Video ...


7 Tools to Help Your Internet Marketing Efforts

The difference between a beginner Internet marketer and a proficient one is, on the one hand, in experience, and on the other hand, in the tools they use. And while experience can only be obtained through continuous work and study of the market, tools...


4 Must-Have Apps for Every Software Developer

In terms of special apps for software developers, there are many on the market that they can certainly use. While some of them give preference to the classic methodology, others prefer experimentation. That being said, here are four of the hottest apps for software...