4 Ways to Incorporate SEO Into Your Facebook Ads

Many SEO experts focus all their attention on improving a website’s rank for a certain number of keywords. However, even the most narrowly researched set of keywords will still attract an extremely wide array of visitors, and will not target that specific audience that you know will convert (or buy your product).

When a website is ranked on Google, it’s almost unavoidable that at least a portion of your visitors are people who are simply not interested in what your website can offer.  Ultimately, you need to rely on the search engine’s ability to understand their intentions, and we all know that its algorithms are all but infallible.

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Social media like Instagram or Facebook on the other hand, allow you to customize your audience and finely tune your strategy towards a specific target audience with the same ad. Choosing the right social channels can help your business by bringing you many prospects that are really interested in your service, and, at the same time improve your SEO efforts. By reaching a larger, more specific audience, you’re enhancing your conversion rates, increasing your traffic, building better engagement and much more.

Let’s see how you can complement your SEO strategy with just a few inexpensive Facebook Ads:

Take Your Time to Experiment

Facebook ad campaigns offer you a lot of different options, so there’s no reason not to test them all. Play around with the options until you find the perfect advertising strategy. There are also tons of guides and webinars that can help you find direction.

Facebook will mark any ad as relevant if people already visited a website that is similar to yours. Start building different landing pages and use them to grab diversified demographics or users with different interests. A/B test them and then check them with an SEO tool to understand which one has higher performing content. Not only will you be able see your highest performers, but you will also discover which demographics are making a big impact on your business. That’s just bonus information you can use to plan your future ads.

Reinforce your message by retargeting the same audience

It’s not always possible to keep every page alive in Google SERPs at all times. Sometimes a great post that brought you good conversions will simply fall down to page 5 because you cannot boost it with enough backlinks, or its content grew a little stale over the course of the years. Facebook ads can be pointed towards any page or post, regardless of its age or ranking. Pointing links to past high performers will help you regenerate people’s interest towards that topic or promotion, reinforce your message and help you increase your conversions without creating new content.

Increase Engagement With Appropriate Content

Facebook keeps track of a lot of data that can be combined with your metrics provided by other tools such as Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. You can check the number of people who clicked on the ad, how many others just glanced at it without caring, and how many shares it received. All this data will provide you tons of insight and hints on how to improve your content, such as how to optimize the quality of your headlines to increase the number of clicks. You can even switch the preview picture to find the one that grabs more attention without changing the actual page content.

Boost Your SEO Rankings

Many experts claim that Social networks are not useful to improve a site’s Google rankings since their signals cannot affect its algorithms. Although this is true, a potent Facebook advertising strategy can go a long way towards improving your SERP. The first positive effect comes from the increased volume of traffic that is driven to your site. If you targeted your ads to specific demographics, people will spend a lot of time browsing your site and reading its pages. The lower the bounce rate and the higher time-on-site, the better is the SERP bonus you’re going to earn. Knowing which pages are performing better, also, will tell you where you should focus your link building strategies, saving you money building in-house SEO team that’s effective.

The more your content gains visibility, the higher the chances of grabbing new links in an organic way. People may share your pages or posts on their blogs or on other medias, giving you access to a vast amount of relevant links without moving a muscle.

A proper SEO strategy will benefit from integration with the strong social media advertising campaign. Facebook is more than just an additional advertisement channel,  it is a critical component of any solid marketing strategy.

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