4 Ways the Internet Has Revolutionized the Global Telecom Industry

The telecom industry has progressed rapidly since the telegraphy systems of 1792, the first electrical telegraphs in 1839, and the tentative steps made towards telephony in the later 1800s. Indeed, as with all technologies, telecommunication is constantly changing, adapting, and moving forward with every innovation and invention that comes along. From those very first forays into long-distance communication the telecommunication industry has exploded, and we now use telephones, wireless access Internet, and emails without a second thought – but it wasn’t always like this…

The rise and rise of the global telecommunication industry

Referring to the transmission of signals over any range of distance, the word telecommunication is most commonly associated with inventions such as the telephone, fax machine, emails, and radio; essentially the ways in which we communicate on a daily basis. Beginning with the telegraph system, electric telegraphs, and telephones in the 1800s, and evolving into radio transmissions, wireless broadcasts, and eventual computer contact in the 1900s and early 2000s, the global telecommunication industry is one of the fastest developing that the world has seen before, and there can be little doubt that technology has played a huge role in its ever-changing face; with each invention, or new idea, comes another way in which the global population can communicate ideas, images, or conversation – and it shows no signs of slowing, either. Then along came the Internet…

More recently, the Internet and its accompanying technologies have seen the birth of wireless access and even faster global links, while innovations such as VoIP are shrinking the world one step at a time. Not only is the Internet making it much faster and easier to share ideas, but it is also opening doors in a way that no other technology has done previously; the more we know, the more we WANT to know, and it’s this curiosity and thirst for bigger and better technology that is leading us forward. The global telecoms industry owes the Internet a lot, as do we.

Looking to the future: Inspiration and innovators

So, what are the advantages of such huge leaps, and a telecoms industry that is growing at an exponential rate? The first is that the world is shrinking; rather than making do with speaking to those with whom we’re connected by wires, or anyone with an identical receiver it is now possible to communicate with a business on the other side of the world, or a relative abroad on holiday. Global markets are more easily accessible than ever before, ensuring that a myriad of businesses are able to access one another and to trade where opportunities were once non-existent. More than that, though, the growth of Internet use is creating further telecommunication advancements with every step that it takes; innovation breeds innovation, and dreams become realities.

The telecoms industry can only adapt and grow as far as startup businesses, entrepreneurs, and market leaders will allow by taking up the systems, thereby encouraging research and development. The industry relies on innovative minds to keep it fresh, progressive, exciting and, most importantly, ever-changing. The introduction of VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol, telephone systems is just another step towards a faster means of communication. Its introduction has greatly influenced the global telecoms industry. Don Burns, chairman of the board for magicJack, helped invent VoIP thereby creating a means of communication where none existed before or was too expensive to be considered viable. This innovative telecommunications professional drove the industry forward through his work with magicJack.

Voiceover Internet Protocol phone systems allow companies and their associates to communicate using phone lines operated via the Internet. Far cheaper and simpler to run than conventional phone lines, these systems are shrinking the worldwide market, and, in turn, revolutionizing the telecoms industry. VoIP allowed yet another telecommunication wall to be dismantled, and has paved the way for yet more innovation in the future. Don Burns has brought years’ worth of experience and knowledge to the table, and works each day to change the face of the industry as we know it.

All of this information leaves us with only one question; where do we go next? The growing relationship between the Internet and mobile technology looks set to grow, with mobile payments, the Internet of Things, and media streaming just a handful of the innovations that have reared their heads in recent years. It has become apparent that the telecoms industry looks set to become further entwined with our daily lives, too; the market is no longer solely for communication, and dictates much of what we see and access for work and pleasure. More than that, though, the world looks set to become smarter, with devices embedded with apps, and means of communication connected around the world. Phones, media systems, and computers are no longer separate entities, and so you can expect a whole load more devices that can multitask.

The telecommunications industry has always been an innovative one, inhabited by great minds, forward thinkers, and technological advancement. Now, though, the growth of the Internet has seen something of an explosion across the market, introducing opportunities like never before. Each day brings something new, and we, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

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