4 Web Design Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rates

In order to improve the conversion rates of your company’s website, there are several things that you can do. These are all obvious things that work; however, many people often lose sight of the basics when they are overly consumed with the latest fads that are here today and gone tomorrow.

So let’s take a look at five of the best design practices that will improve your conversion rates.


Your site must stand out and command the viewer’s attention. If your site is boring, then everyone will leave after they have been there a few seconds. There is so much content on the internet that you must go the extra mile to make sure that the overall design is spectacular, or your bounce rate will increase instead of your conversion rate.Your website should not get the viewer’s attention because it is overly flamboyant or ostentatious. It should get an individual’s attention because it is attractive and appealing. Every detail should be perfect, and all of the various components of its design should fit together so that the overall presentation is beautiful.

Simple Terminology

Do not use complex jargon or obfuscatory terminology that confuses the individual perusing the various pages of your website. Use simple words that express the exact concepts you wish to express.

In addition, you should make sure that everything is completely explained. Do not assume that individuals who visit your site will already be familiar with a lot of the basic data associated with your goods and services. Although many will have this knowledge, many will not, so do not leave them out in the cold; explain all of the things that a person needs to know in order to fully understand your products and/or what you do.

Great Deals

Cool designs and beautiful colors will not replace offering great deals that truly benefit your customer. If you don’t have amazing deals, then you are probably not going to have a high conversion rates, no matter how good your website looks.

In fact, a great deal will sell itself and improve your conversion rate despite other shortcomings. If your website is ugly and hard to navigate, your conversion rate might still improve if you have a spectacular deal that is hard to beat.

Always remember that there are other aspects to creating superior offers other than the element of price. You can offer longer guarantees, superior customer support, and many other things in order to make your deals better.


Your website should also be easy to figure out so that anyone can get around without much difficulty. If your site does not allow for intuitive navigation, then the overall design should be adjusted until everything is laid out in a simple format.

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