5 Apps to Help Manage Your Finances

The night of the great decisions is slowly approaching and you are starting to think about all the changes you wish to make once the clock strikes midnight. As finances are an ever-present issue, better management of personal budget is most commonly at the very top of the list. Fortunately, according to statistics, there are currently more than 1.6 million apps in Google Play store and 1.5 million available apps in Apple’s App store among which you can find a multitude to help you keep track of your finances.

After familiarizing with a couple of basic financial concepts and selecting one of the apps that best suits your needs, the rest of the process will be a breeze. In the following article we have selected five of the most popular apps according to user experience that proved to help those who lack professional knowledge to manage their expenses.


Dealing with financial issues is stressful and tedious as it is, and top-quality app such as Spendbook makes this process much easier and more enjoyable.By allowing you to create different categories and subcategories, it provides you with better visual representation. Furthermore, with Spendbook, organization is no longer an issue as you can create multiple accounts, as well as keep summaries of both your daily and monthly expenses. What makes this app unique on the market is the option to take a photo of the receipt you have purchased, which is far more convenient than writing, especially for people who are always on the go.


For those who claim that simplicity is the best policy, Cost is the ideal app that enables fast and easy management of personal finances. It allows you to handle multiple accounts and categories, but what is really important is that it automatically synchronizes all the data. Additionally, with Cost, by simply swiping left or right you can change the date and gain access to a particular report at any time. What many emphasize as the strongest feature is the fact that it provides you with passcode lock that prevents unauthorized third party access and guarantees utmost security.


Despite its simple design, EasyCost is an extremely powerful app that is bound to provide you with an exceptional experience. It does not require you to register, however EasyCost still enables you to protect your data with a password. It allows you to create custom categories and export data to CSV, but what makes it truly fantastic is the fact that you are not required to have any financial or mathematical knowledge, as this app does all of the heavy lifting for you.


For all of those who only wish to track their expenses, 5coins is the ideal solution. There are no additional features such as budget, multiple accounts and charts as the focus is put mainly on your daily expenses. With its simple interface, you do not have to worry whether you have the sufficient knowledge to handle the app and keep detailed track of your expenses. What 5coins is unique for is the outstanding timeline that enables the user to change the time and date of a particular expense. No other app provides you with such a clear overview of the timeline of your expenses.


People who have always struggled with mathematics and financial organization claim that BUDGT is a reliable partner in tracking their expenses. All you have to do is enter the numbers and the app is going to do the rest of the work for you. Many praise BUDGET for its extremely useful Reminder that enables you to easily keep track of your expenses. With its Month End Projection you are provided with the bigger picture and see how much money you have at your disposal by the end of the month. Finally, BUDGT is unique for its  Travel Mode that automatically takes care of conversions without you even noticing.

Put an end to a tiresome, difficult, and at the same time highly stressful process of budget management. Enjoy the perks of the 21st century and take advantage of a large number of cutting-edge applications that enable you to get rid of unnecessary paperwork and get the better understanding of your spending habits.

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