Sarah Fields has been combining her passion for writing and technology research for ten years now. Currently, she’s interested in innovations regarding cloud and latest technological trends.


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How to Grow Your Small Business with Geo-Fencing [Infographic]

Every entrepreneur knows that the key to growing his business is a successful marketing strategy. In order for a businessperson to reach out to a greater audience, the latest technological trends is an absolute must. What is currently in the epicenter of every industry? Geo-fencing. Geo-Fencing Explained…

A Suggested Timeline of Content Marketing Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

content marketing

We live in a time where the advertising industry has nearly endless means of reaching out to its audience. Though it is nice to find something in an unexpected place from time to time, most people avoid adverts and commercials with tools specifically developed…

5 Apps to Help Manage Your Finances

personal finance apps

The night of the great decisions is slowly approaching and you are starting to think about all the changes you wish to make once the clock strikes midnight. As finances are an ever-present issue, better management of personal budget is most commonly at the…