5 Awesome Apps for Beer Drinkers

Cheers everyone, today is National Beer Day!

And what better way to celebrate the culture of drinking delicious beer than to share how we can enhance that experience with technology. That’s right, from beer delivery to connecting with friends, there’s a beer app for just about everything. I must admit, here are a handful of apps that are not great–mostly because they seem to be made by someone who was intoxicated–but there are some apps that I found to be very useful.

So grab a brewskie and check out these apps:

1. Beer?!

How about convincing friends to come out for a cold beer by pestering them? Yo app for Beer, Beer?! sends push-notifications that say “Beer?!” with a funny voice.

Beer?! App


2. Brewery App

BreweryMap helps you discover new breweries around you. The app is pretty up to date with new breweries in any location.  The app is not free ($3.99), but definitely worth it if you’re visiting a new city and want to explore local breweries.



3. Next Glass

Don’t know what beer to order next? Next Glass gives personalized beer recommendations based on science and technology to predict how much you’ll enjoy any bottle. You set up your taste preferences, and by using objective chemical data to provide personal recommendations, you get an idea of what you can order next.

Next Glass


4. Untappd

Beer drink should be a social activity, and Untappd helps beer lover connect with friends and share their favorite finds. Untappd is a social discovery and check-in network, where not only you find nearby craft beers and bars but also see which beers are trending.

Untappd app


5. TapHunter

Similar to Next Glass, TapHunter is a recommendation app that helps you track down your favorite beers and find cool spots that serve your favorite beers.



Not on the list but should be: 


Every Friday you can get beers delivered to your office, no need to even think about organizing anything. With Deskbeers you can sign up to their service and have beers delivered every week. The reason why this app did not make it is because it’s in UK and not available in U.S. yet.

Uber or Lyft

When you’re enjoying your time with friends at the pub, make sure to find an alternative ride home. You don’t want to get behind the wheel after drinking all those strong, craft beers.

Bottoms up!

Image Credit: JR on Flickr


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