The 5 Best Time Management Productivity Apps

We could all do with being more productive and also less stressed and these apps are there to help encourage and aid this. Having or even making more time is a great way to lower our stress levels and make us feel better about our lives. So, let’s take a look at our top five time management apps to make your day more productive.

In Time


What the App Does

In Time alters the way we deal with traffic and setting alarms in the morning, setting up a wake-up and leave system that’s based on how long it will take you to arrive at your destination safely. The alarm automatically monitors your trip and adjusts in accordance with traffic, ensuring you’re always on time.

What’s Great About It

The app is brilliant in that ensures you will always be on time for your trip and still get as much sleep as possible. It ensures you’ll never have to worry about being late for that meeting again, saving stress and worry, all with a quick download.



What This App Does

Tapping into this app can teach you how to meditate in only 10 minutes per day.  The Headspace podcast will guide you through modern meditations for issues such as how to take time to truly appreciate your food, how to have a stress-free daily commute, and how to fall asleep easily and quickly.

What's Great About It

Headspace makes it very easy for you to set reminders for yourself so that you stay on track.  There is even a dashboard for evaluating your progress.  The voice on the guide meditation tracks is Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk and Headspace founder, whose British accent will soothe you have a hectic day on the job. You can get it here.

GPS for the Soul


What This App Does

Presented by HeartMath, bLife and the Huffington Post, this app uses the camera lens on your phone to measure your level of stress, and then invites you to correct it through photos of your loved ones, breathing exercises, poetry, music and much more.

What's Great About It:

I will buy just about anything that has been approved by Arianna Huffington.  The breathing pacer on the app also helps to regulate your breathing through each mediation.  Also, the relaxing and beautiful visuals in the guide are a nice complement to the written content- particularly for visual thinkers.  Since it is an app sponsored by the Huffington Post, it includes access to articles on interesting topics such as staying in the present, embracing quiet and indecision. Download from iTunes here.


What This App Does

This calendar app is visually appealing and can sync with Exchange, iCloud and Google Calendar calendars.  There are several features on the app that make is possible to organize your time better such as reminders, time zone support, location tagging, background syncing, and fast event entry.

What's Great About It

Sunrise has been designed to make things easier for you, and to ensure that you don't miss any more appointments. You can download the app from iTunes.


What This App Does is a task-managing app is packed with features and makes it possible for users to create notes, reminders and to-do lists for getting things done.  It is easy to input tasks.  You can either dictate them or type them in.  The app features a touch screen interface that allows you to drag and drop tasks into categories.

What's Great About It

You can set reminders for time sensitive events and items.  The sync and share features allows you to share lists and tasks with colleagues and friends.  The note-taking feature is similar to what is offered by Evernote, however it works much like a to-do app since you can set multiple reminders that range from remembering your work presentation to calling someone back or picking up groceries. Why not get it here.

These five apps are among the most up and coming and well worth taking a look at if you want to become happier and more productive.

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