5 Characters You Expect to Meet During Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference

Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate Conference is just around the corner and we can’t wait to meet industry leaders in swanky Downtown Las Vegas. We expect attendees not only to learn from our speakers, but also to share ideas in breakout sessions and mingle in the halls and at the parties we have planned. This is a great opportunity for you to make great connections and bring some attention to your startup and city. To make things easier, we created a guide so you know what to expect when you meet the different characters during Celebrate Conference (this guide can be used in any tech conference).

The investor 

(male version, for illustrative purposes only)




Who are they: Tech angels in the startup field. Let’s face it, they are the ones every startup founder wants to chat with, because they can potentially invest in their company. Founders also love to pick an investor’s brain about how they can get investment.  Do remember that they get pitched ALL the time, so be creative with your approach and wow them with your product/pitch.

What do they look like: just like you and me but with bigger checkbooks. They are usually on a call and checking their email. When it comes to attire, think business or business casual, although a few may blend in with startup founders.

Why are they at Celebrate Conference: Looking for the next investment, great ideas, and catching up with old friends.

Expect them to say something like: “I love what you’re doing, but I’m not sure it fits our current thesis” or “We’d love to stay in touch and help in any way we can” and “I’m a fan of what you’re doing, I just don’t know anything about the space, so I couldn’t bring any value to you.”

How to approach them: Analyze the setting; if you’re in the conference, maybe be ready to show off your product and demo.  Always be brief! If you’re at one of the parties, make the pitch casual and make sure to follow up the next day.

Startup Founder

(male version, for illustrative purposes only)



Who are they: The brave warriors who’ve given up a lot to follow their dream; no one EVER said #startuplife was easy. They are entrepreneurs talking about their startups and some even competing at the pitch competition. Startup founders are the ones wearing their marketing gear, rallying the troops, and pulling an iPad/Phone at any moment to show off their product.

What do they look like:  Casual attire. Expect a t-shirt with their startup logo and comfortable shoes. Find lots of great male examples here, and female examples here.

Why are they at Celebrate Conference: Tech Cocktail has invited top industry leaders, so for many startup founders this is an opportunity to have the exposure they don’t necessarily get back in their hometowns. It’s an opportunity to make great business connections.

Expect them to say something like: “I haven’t gotten any sleep, man, we’ve been hustling so hard” or “This is going to disrupt (insert industry)”

How to approach them: They are at the conference for business, so you don’t need to worry about approaching them, they will approach you.

Tech blogger/Media

(female version, for illustrative purposes only)


Who they are: They are the ones trying to blend in with the crowd to scoop stories and find the next YO or Snapchat startup. They are the ones who write about startups, so startups definitely want to meet them.

What do they look like:  Connected to their laptops, plugged into the nearest power outlet. They’re focused on getting the story they want, and worried about being spotted and pursued by PR people or a persistent founder. They are usually the ones taking notes, business cards, and shots at the party.

Why are they at Celebrate Conference: Get the first look at up-and-coming startups from various regions. Talk to panelists and speakers about latest trends.

Expect them to say something like: “So what do you do? [yawns]” or “That story has been told so many times before [yawns]”

How to approach them: With a drink in hand and no intentions to pitch immediately. Take your time and let them ask the questions. The most important thing is to take their card and immediately follow them on Twitter.


(female version, for illustrative purposes only)


Who are they: They are the ones with the big ideas and a huge desire to take the leap and launch their own startup. They may have a product or a friend developing an app, but they haven’t yet left their 9-to-5.

What do they look like: Not comfortable able enough to fit in but charming enough to hangout with any startup founder. They are usually the ones asking a lot of questions about the industry.

Why are they at Celebrate Conference: They are scoping the scene, meeting people and building a network. The parties are pretty fun too.

Expect them to say something like: “I work at [insert company] but I’m working on my own startup”.

How to approach them: Approach them with advice for their startup. Remember: they are there to gain knowledge.

Tech Celebrities/Panelists

(male version, for illustrative purposes only)


What do they look like: Effortlessly dressed, with an “I’ve been through some tough s*%t but I figured it all out” aura that sets them apart. They are just cooler than most people in the room, it’s that simple.

Why are they at Celebrate Conference: Share their knowledge and experience with early-stage startups. Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo (founders of Tech Cocktail) are also very charming and convincing people. Oh, and the tech swag they get is pretty rad!

Expect them to say something like: “Just do it” or “It’s about building communities that are sustainable for startups” or “Never give up. Pivot but don’t stop.”

How to approach them: Either an incredible first-liner that will grab their attention or buy them a drink.

If you haven’t yet, get your tickets to Celebrate Conference here happening Oct 6th &7th.

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