70 Startup Women Show Us What They Wear to Work

After publishing our piece “41 Startup Guys Show Us What They Actually WEAR to Work”, of course we had to follow that up with a piece highlighting the daily wears of startup women (equal opportunity, y’all!).

While Banana Republic’s “Startup Guy” line was largely mocked by the startup community itself, the exclusion of a “Startup Woman/Girl” line further pushed the message that the industry is one in which men continue to dominate. It was a complete disregard to all the women founders, programmers, designers, and others who live and breathe startups.

We reached out to startup women and asked them to show us what they wear on the daily basis. The responses were, to say the least, overwhelming.

Here’s what 70 startup women have to say about “startup attire”, with pictures of what they wear to work:

“I’d call my style a mix between sassy startup founder and pixie surfer mermaid unicorn. Sometimes people don’t get me – I think that is part of the journey as an entrepreneur. I have had many people say to me, ‘Don’t you think if you dressed more conservatively, you’d…be funded by now, have closed that deal, be more accepted…etc. I say back, ‘Then I don’t want that business or them as investors.’ Being an entrepreneur is about pushing the boundaries. I think that means for everything – professional, personal and spiritual – and even style-wise. As an entrepreneur – and a woman entrepreneur at that – we are here to push ourselves and others beyond our comfort zone. We see the world differently – almost magically – and, for me, believing in our vision starts with believing in ourselves and having the confidence to go out in the world as our most authentic selves and say, ‘This is me, all of me’ which then gives others permission to do the same! Those that drop away weren’t meant to come along for the ride. Those that come along and believe…they are the ones that Steve Jobs talked about: ‘the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers…the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world,’ and they do! That is what I aspire to.” – Pilar Stella, Cofounder and Managing Partner at Alchemy P4 Fund

Alchemy P4 Fund

Pilar Stella, Cofounder and Managing Partner at Alchemy P4 Fund

“BloomNation is the first start-up I’ve worked at and going to work every day feeling comfortable is a dream come true. I think startups have this reputation of being a jeans/sweatpants environment and, while our office is lax in dress code, I feel most confident when combining style and comfort. On the days I wear jeans, I pair them with a pretty and functional blouse. My absolute favorite work staple is a dress. In the summer, I’ll pair a dress with nice sandals (no flip flops!) or flats. In fall and winter, I’ll wear them with tights, ankle boots, and a sweater. My go-to stores for startup attire are Madewell and J.Crew. I’m into dainty jewelry right now and just purchased a cute necklace from up-and-coming brand Abacus Row.” – Katie Brown, Account Executive at BloomNation


Katie Brown, Account Executive at BloomNation

“Working at a startup, I never know where the day will take me, who I might run into, or how late I may be at the office… comfort and confidence are key! Go-to pieces? Chambray shirts, skirts, and flats.” – Ché Macy, Marketing Analyst at BroadLeaf Commerce

Broadleaf Commerce

Ché Macy with office mate and summer intern Carly.

“I recently relocated from NYC where I worked for 100 year old companies like Mitsubishi and IBM. Going from an east coast corporate culture to a Silicon Beach startup culture has been a huge change for my wardrobe. Most days I will wear jeans and a blouse, and sometimes finish my outfit off with Rainbows. Yes, I said flip-flops!” – Reilly Starr, Director of PR at CARD.com


Reilly Starr, Director of PR at CARD.com

“I wear pants (darker colors) and more wide-legged to broaden my shoe option. On top I typically wear a dress shirt, maybe cotton or broadcloth. If I revert to a scoop neck type cotton pull-over with 3/4 length sleeves, I’ll often try to throw on a jacket. Bear in mind, however, I’m 56 years young! So, I’m going to dress rather traditionally or conservatively. I rarely show skin…never sleeveless, no capris or shorts, never cleavage. Keeping my client in mind, I actually try to dress as they would. If I know they will be too casual for me, then I dress as I would routinely. I’m not too stuffy I’m told….just conservative. I do live in the South with warm winters and hot, hot summers.” – Molly Dye, CEO and Founder of CareZips


Molly Dye, CEO and Founder of CareZips

“I never leave the house without my Cheek’d cards nor do I leave the house without my logo incorporated into my daily wardrobe. I tote a Cheek’d Backpack, wear a Cheek’d Tank Top or T-Shirt I’ve turned into a vest, usually with a shirt and tie and a splash of Cheeky Bling and I even wear a fake Cheek’d tattoo on my left arm at all times. Not a day goes by without someone asking me on the street or in the bike lane ‘What’s Cheek’d?’ It’s great advertising for a bootstrapped startup Founder. I sometimes even add some cupid wings in the mix (which landed me on the cover of the Irish Times when I was a the Dublin Web Summit last fall)! – Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO of Cheek’d


Lori Cheek, Founder and CEO of Cheek’d, rocking her angel wings.

“I’d say my work style is classic, comfortable, casual business that’s transitional from work to going out afterwards. Simply add a few accessories and dab on darker makeup and I’m set! At tradeshows or important meetings I’d want to boost my height and professional feel with some heels, but regular days dress shoes or flats that kick off under the desk are a must.” – Huong Vo, Marketing at CogniVue


Huong Vo, Marketing at CogniVue

“I work with a bunch of fashion gurus so I have to be on my style A game most of the time – but at the office I lean more towards business casual. Today I am wearing light colored capris because I think they are comfortable but classy. I’m also wearing a light pink tank from a small boutique in upstate NY that I think pairs well with my accessories. Our office gets super chilly in the afternoon so I always find myself throwing on a cardigan (here I tend to mix and match a bit – comfort vs. style? I’m cold!) And finally, last but not least, I wear a cup of coffee everyday like it’s my JOB.” – Alexis Canary, PR & Outreach Coordinator for Colabination


Alexis Canary, PR & Outreach Coordinator for Colabination

“My dress code for work is, well, a dress. I find only having to pick out one item vastly simplifies the whole process. Moreover, as I’m never going to match all the men in the start-up scene, I might as well wear what I choose. In terms of accessories, it’s usually not much more than a black fur. (By which I am referring to Winston, my pug/boxer/something-else mixed pup.) When I’m on a buying trip—whether that is in New York or abroad—I step it up a bit with heels, as San Francisco is soooo casual that I just can’t wear anything but flats. Most importantly, I of course wear superb underwear. Given my business, it is literally my job to try out and wear a myriad of lingerie styles and designers. I simply won’t sell knickers that I don’t personally believe to be comfortable, gorgeous and flattering.” – Antonia Townsend, Founder of [Enclosed]


Antonia Townsend, Founder of [Enclosed]

“Being one of the three women at our company, I feel that it’s super important to be comfortable, and to have the ability to work in whatever you find comfort in is only going to enhance your creativity and productivity. Working at a sports-based company, I’m a very laid back type of female and I find comfort in sporting my Nike sneakers, a pair of comfy jeans, and a tee shirt. To me that’s the most relaxed “uniform”. I’ve worked in corporate settings before where you had to wear the slacks and the heels, and personally, I spent more time worrying about keeping my shoes on when walking than I did about getting work done!” – Kelly Services, Marketing Manager at Fandeavor


Pictured is Kelly’s colleague at Fandeavor, Katie, a customer experience coordinator.

“We are based just outside of D.C. so for those hot/humid/muggy summer days I go for comfort and that almost always includes flip flops and tanks. I love to sport my thick framed Warby Parker glasses. Also included in the photo is our logo that the team made completely out of Legos.” – Jessica Winter, Director of Communcations at FoundationDB


Jessica Winter, Director of Communcations at FoundationDB

“I have been in the tech industry for 14 years in programming, design, project management, and founder role. What does a gal wear? I have found that dressing up 1-2 times a week at most is sufficient. I’m most comfortable wearing jeans and a decent blouse with some nice sandals. If I’m comfortable, then I can focus on my work. I try not to look too sloppy, but if the work is too much, then outfits are my last priority. In the end, it is how you carry yourself, your mannerisms, characteristics (hopefully good ones), self-confidence, intelligence, and internal
capabilities that define you, not the clothes.” – Emma Moore, Founder of Fundamental


Emma Moore, Founder of Fundamental

“What I wear to work varies, but at the moment I am wearing athletic apparel because I am about to go workout at lunch. I tend to wear athletic clothes a lot because that is what I am most comfortable in. On occasion I will dress up.” – Amy Beaver, Business Development at Gather


Amy Beaver, Business Development at Gather

“Our company is not what you would call a laid-back stereotypical start-up office – we’re very results oriented. That being said, we can basically wear whatever we want to work. Maybe that’s because our French male bosses are surfers on the weekend, maybe that’s because we’re in the not-so-fashion-focused tech world, or maybe it’s because in general Barcelona is a casual beach-side city. We’re a completely mixed staff from about ten different countries, ages ranging 23-48, and everyone dresses how he or she wants, knowing that we’ll be heading out to some serious humidity at lunch.” – Jennifer Riggins, Marketing Director of GetApp


Zuzana Kudelova and Diane Strutner from the GetApp team.

“My fashion is a mix of hipster cool along with casual chic. I believe women should be comfortable, chic and courageous when making their fashion choices. When I need real inspiration, I look down at my rainbow-striped Hello Kitty slippers for a bolt of creativity. Not surprisingly, the footwear choice puts a smile on the faces of my colleagues.” – Jo Vasev, Director of Technology of HappyDesk


Jo Vasev of HappyDesk with her Hello Kitty slippers.

“I find myself wearing a wide range of types of clothing since my office is so laid back but in general, I focus on clean lines with personality. Since my office is more casual my work wardrobe is more fluid with my wardrobe outside of work; for this reason I spend a little more attention (and money) on ensuring everything fits really well. Maybe I’ll wear a graphic tee but pair it with a nicely cut blazer and fun statement necklace. I’d usually pair that with dark skinny jeans and a pair of flats. Think your favorite work outfit that you’d want to wear to a happy hour! I worked in financial services prior to joining my company so I have a ton of more business casual attire. And I can wear whatever I want and be as formal or casual as I like I would definitely get some strange looks if I came to work in a suit or even just a pair of slacks. The way some women have to be mindful of being too casual I tend to be aware or not dressing too formally as well.” – Jane Scudder, Marketing Manager at Hubzu


Jane Scudder of Hubzu show us one of her outfits.

“I know that the norm for start-up women is to dress quite casual however I still feel most confident in business attire. I like to wear a lot of knee length dresses and pencil skirts. I feel classy, confident and ready to meet with anyone at a moment’s notice. Completing my outfit with a pair of great heels is always a great conversation started. Red pumps are my favorite!” – Lisa Ohman, Cofounder and COO at InvestNextDoor


Lisa Ohman, Cofounder and COO at InvestNextDoor

“Generally, I like to wear bright tees with skirts or casual dresses with cardigans. I find it’s a lot more comfortable than skinny jeans and still looks nice without being too casual. Sometimes I’ll go for a more athletic look, depending on the weather since I bike to work. If I’m meeting with a client, I’ll switch to business casual.” – Ashley Mo, Director of Marketing at Message Blocks

Message Blocks

Ashley Mo, Director of Marketing at Message Blocks

“At nVisium, you can wear anything you want as long as you wouldn’t wear it to the beach, gym, or in bed.” – Marketing and Biz Dev Intern, Tania Ryseck, and Professional Services Coordinator, Hanny Flint, of nVisium


Hanny Flint (left) and Tania Ryseck (right) from nVisium

“I like to wear clean lined black pants while working from home. Something about wearing pants makes me feel like I’m ready for anything. When I am in my home office I dress like an anchor during the day, which is to say, I wear a really nice top and a simple black pant. When I am not working on new designs or out promoting The Palit, much of my day to day work requires that I be prepared to stop what I am doing at any moment and hop on a Skype interview or quickly generate a vblog, as such it is important that, from the waist up, I look professional and camera ready.” – Brandon Kelly, Founder and CEO at NYCVanity

Digital photography shot by Azeez Bakare

Brandon Kelly, Founder and CEO at NYCVanity

“My style is casual and comfortable, with a pop of color. You will usually find me in jeans, a sweater and flats. I try to always wear one piece of clothing that makes me happy – which is usually something bright or soft. As the founder of my company, omghow, I try to look put-together, but since my days are pretty hectic I will always settle for ‘somewhat put-together.'” – Jennifer Cain, Founder of OMGhow


Jennifer Cain, Founder of OMGhow

“As a tech start-up, our office is young, casual, and cool – a major departure from the usual DC standard of suits and neutrals! Start-up style is whatever you make it, and I like to go for a prep look with a twist. This is a usual outfit for me – a fun, feminine dress with coordinating accessories and shoes. There really is no dress code at our headquarters, so I love being able to wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident.” – Blair Capps, Manager of Marketing Communications and Events at Optoro


Blair Capps, Manager of Marketing Communications and Events at Optoro

“Working for a venture development group, I actually work for about four different startups right now, so my work style can vary a bit. Usually I wear a dark jean, leather belt, and black or white top, but some days if we have meetings with investors, partners, vendors, etc., I’ll wear a dress from Calvin Klein or Banana Republic.” – Christa Freeland, Marketing Manager at Powershift Group


Christa Freeland, Marketing Manager at Powershift Group

“Flexible, foldable, fashionable, feminine, with a hint of whimsy.” – Kate McKeon, Founder and CEO of Prepwise Games


Kate McKeon, Founder and CEO of Prepwise Games

“I dress like I am either going to a picnic or a dinner party. But, if the other folks get to wear jeans, then I shall wear what makes me comfortable too…And if it’s a dress more suitable for a wedding, garden party or birthday celebration, so be it. Also, I don’t wear makeup. It take me 15 minutes to dress in the morning.” – Maggie Graham, Marketing Manager at Promet Source


Maggie with PrometSource colleague Elena Girina, Finance and Admin Manager

“I like to combine classic basics with trendy pieces mixed in. You would see me this summer in a lot of maxi dresses and jean vests. Comfort is key in this city—especially shoes. At work, I wear some version of Tom’s almost daily.” – Abby Gartner, Account Manager at Punchkick Interactive

“I attribute my slightly preppy, yet boho-chic style to growing up on the East Coast and having an artist sister. For work, I aim to always look polished and pulled together, but not be completely traditional. Booties and lace-up wedges are my go to footwear—and I love high-waisted skirts paired with a fun top, A-line dresses, ‘vegan’ leather leggings and over-sized sweaters/shirts. I’m also not afraid to mix fabrics and patterns.” – Amelia Bernier, Marketing Coordinator at Punchkick Interactive

“My personal style mirrors the industry I work in— it is dynamic and constantly changing. In general, I dress with a professional mindset and include creative details where I can.” – Christine Pace, Executive Assistant at Punchkick Interactive

“At work, I typically like to stick with a fun summer dress, jeans, a flowy blouse, chunky heels, or ‘shooties’ (sandals and booties hybrid). Urban chic would be a good way to describe my style.” – Kelsey Hood, Talent Scout at Punchkick Interactive

“I would say my personal style is more on a classic side: I prefer basics—t-shirt, blazer, white shirt, simple jeans or pants; always aiming for an effortlessly chic look with statement pieces incorporated in a subtle way.” – Tatyana Golubeva, Designer at Punchkick Interactive


From left to right: Abby, Amelia, Christine, Kelsey, and Tatyana

“I’m in my mid-40’s, and find that [startup wear] is comfort, coupled with style. Since I’m sitting down all day working on the computer and usually work a 10+ hour day, I find that having non-binding, comfortable duds is key. I’ve worked in start-ups, as well as Fortune 100 companies, and over the years my style has not changed that much. I pretty much dress the same way – not too dressy, not too “businesslike”, but also not khakis or jeans, and a polo shirt or cargo shorts like the men tend to favor.” – Laurie Bokuniewicz, Digital Marketing Manager at Review Concierge


Laurie Bokuniewicz, Digital Marketing Manager at Review Concierge

“As an attorney for start-ups and small companies, and as the founder of a law firm dedicated to servicing the needs of such companies, I balance the need to look professional and my personal style with the flexibility that running your own firm in a more relaxed space affords. As a result, I wear my signature pearls and black dress every day, but I may elect to pair the outfit with flip flops or sandals instead of heels on a daily basis. (Of course, if I’m in court or in a meeting, I do tend to switch into my heels in the elevator – but I always have my flip flops in my purse!)” – Nina B. Ries, Principal of Ries Law Group


Nina B. Ries, Principal of Ries Law Group

“You’re lucky, you caught me on a client meeting day so I look slightly better than the classic tank top lacking a cardigan, jeans, and flip flops. Rather, you see said cardigan, khaki pants, and Aladdin shoes. Notice that floral pattern, baby face, and ‘oh, I didn’t see you there’ pose. Classic startup. I actually work in a coworking space specifically meant for startups, not one of us dresses the same.” – Molly Radford, Marketing Director of Sierra Virtual


Molly Radford, Marketing Director of Sierra Virtual

“Working at a tech startup with lots of gents, I’m in jeans and tees mostly every day. But, I still love to dress up – so you’ll always find me in a blazer and heels on top of that standard techie outfit. And once a week on ‘Fancy Friday’ – a tradition I created at the start of SocialRadar (and usually am alone in observing) – I show some love to the lonely dresses from my corporate life, and maybe even throw on a necklace.” – Shana Glenzer, VP of Social Marketing at SocialRadar


Shana Glenzer, VP of Social Marketing at SocialRadar

“I once got sent home to change by HR because I wasn’t wearing pantyhose at my last corporate job. True story. So it’s no wonder my heart has always been with working at startups since then. Everybody here at Spendgo is focused on executing, we don’t have time to fashion police. Style has always been important to me. I love the quote “Style is a way to say who are you without having to speak.” So stand out and be memorable. I prefer fun prints, pops of unexpected colors and sturdy heels to traverse comfortably around this walking SF city. The way I figure, life is too short to wear French blue button downs and pleated khakis. And pantyhose. Definitely pantyhose.” – Stephanie Yang, Communications at Spendgo


Stephanie Yang, Communications at Spendgo

“The women in the office wear business casual, preppy, to trendy chic.” – Alexis Valerio, PR at Sqor


Sqor team, from left to right: Piper Cook (Director of Partnership), Beatriz Datangel (Data Product Manager), Ashley Talbot (Senior Legal Counsel), Lauren May (Director of Athlete Relations), Mika Marquart (Director of Athlete Relations), and Alexis Valerio (Director of Public Relations)


“‘You never know what you are going to get’ goes for my #ootd, as well as my schedule. I dress ready to hop on a plane, run to a client meeting or be the face of Tagboard at an event. One thing I never leave my house without… a #ConversationWorthy accessory.” Carina Holtby, Director of TV Partnerships at Tagboard


Carina Holtby, Director of TV Partnerships at Tagboard

“On a daily basis, my business partner and I are always meeting with executives or filming episodes of OhlloTV. So while I have worked in my pj’s many a days, my typical start-up style is a dress, long or short. They are so easy to slip on, they are crazy comfortable, and you can dress them up if you need to by wearing heels, a belt, or a fun necklace. My idea of start-up style is comfort and on the go clothing that comes across professional but not corporate. You will never find me wearing a suit, I am all about cozy class.” – Nina Parr, Cofounder and CMO of The Love Your Job Project


Nina Parr, Cofounder and CMO of The Love Your Job Project

“My style is crazy eclectic, I’m a bit of a chameleon! It’s a mix of comfortable pieces and things I’ve picked up in my travels, paired with mascots and fab shoes. I feel just as comfortable in hoodies, ironic t-shirts and converse as I do with unique prints, bold colors and strappy wedges. Versatility is key, when you work long startup hours you need to be ready to go out or travel at a moment’s notice! I’m also big into making #quantself chic, rocking funky jewelry, 4+ trackers and a Pebble daily.” – Laura Horak, Head of Community at Thinkful


Laura Horak, Head of Community at Thinkful

“As a Founder/CEO you have to be able to dig in with the techies and be able to dine with ‘would-be’ investors four hours later. I’ve found that a casual but comfortable dress is a good place to start. You can wear flip flops, etc when doing the heavy lifting, then throw on a smart jacket with some heels and you can make the look transition for a business meeting. I also don’t wear makeup or jewelry when we are in development mode so I keep a small stash of both in my bag for back up. I think my next startup will be focused on transformer shoes so my flip flops can convert to heels on a moments notice. Then of course you just need to keep a wad of cash on you, or a credit card, because I have found out that colleagues (employees or investors) don’t care as much about what you are wearing when you are paying for their drinks.”- Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global

ThisWay Global

Angela Hood from ThisWay Global shows us a typical outfit that she’d wear.

“It is important to dress stylish and professional every day, as I never know if a potential investor will stop by or I have a last minute media interview where I need to look my best! As a Public Relations Mentor on Thrive15.com, our users look to me to be an example of a professional woman that can do a sales pitch at any given time or be on the evening news that night!” – Deedra Determan, Public Relations Mentor at Thrive15


Deedra Determan, Public Relations Mentor at Thrive15

“Traklight’s culture, like many startups, doesn’t enforce a strict dress code. Startups set new trends, and as such the women in them don’t feel it necessary to wear impractical attire to be taken seriously. Our Trakers should be comfortable in what they wear to be productive in their day. In our office, the women tend to wear everything from yoga pants with flip flops, to sun dresses, to jeans and a t-shirt. We embrace the casual and each of us maintain our own personal style. We try to break ceilings, not ankles.”- Online Media Specialist, Emily Ely, and Marketing Specialist, Maddie Gildenberg, at Traklight


Emily and Maddie from Traklight

“I used to work in television and music journalism, but this year I delved into the world of Type 2 Designs – by far the most casually-attired place of work I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. My style falls somewhere between geek chic and the casual preppy office look. I’m not afraid to wear my Toms and Polo shirts, and you’ll always see me around the office with my shiny headphones. When we have a client coming for a meeting, I’ll wear something with a collar and a pair of dark denim jeans and heeled boots. At the moment, I am currently the only woman working at this tech start-up, which means I’m pretty much surrounded by guys wearing either Star Wars or Linux vs Ubuntu shirts, I think that seems to be the tradition for professionals in the industry to also crack programming jokes and argue which Star Trek cast was the best.” – Miné Salkin, Director of Public Relations at Type 2 Designs


Miné Salkin, Director of Public Relations at Type 2 Designs

“After reading ’41 Startup Guys Show Us What They ACTUALLY Wear to Work’ we noticed a bit of backlash because women were under-represented in the startup community so we went out and hired a few…. just kidding! This is what the chicks at UrbanBound wear and they pretty much run the show. No pant suits here. Our company wears what it wants because its not about what you wear, but about getting the job done.” – UrbanBound Team


The ladies of the UrbanBound team!

“I’ve been in the startup world for two years, but I previously worked for big corporations with a strict dress code. My closet is a mix of dress-to-impress with the ubiquitous American Apparel t-shirts. In addition to running MarComm for Urjanet, I run the blog PrettySouthern.com so my work attire needs to be ready for any event in Atlanta – whether it’s to meet up for beers with the developers or a restaurant tasting for Pretty Southern. It seems like on the days I dress down, I end up having to run home to change!” – Lauren Patrick, Marketing Content Manager for Urjanet

Urjanet-Lauren Patrick

Lauren Patrick, Marketing Content Manager for Urjanet

“I like to dress like a well put together lady to balance out my ‘not-safe-for-work’ personality. I love classic lines, and neutral colours with a pop of something fun, and unexpected. I also appreciate good tailoring; it makes me feel comfortable in my clothes, and like I am the focus of my outfit.” – Julianna Lantz, Project Administrator at Voices.com

“The combination of working at Voices.com, where the startup style is business casual with a modern, urban flair, and being involved in the polished world of public relations, I favour a style that is reminiscent of Olivia Pope, the stylish protagonist of the hit series Scandal. My startup style is a nod to the semi-fictional PR powerhouse, the shine of NYC- the centre of PR and Mad Men- and the flavour of a well-earned Hamptons escape. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Ivanka Trump are my go-tos. I tend to wear pieces that have movement (think chiffon overlays, light knits, and the slight swing of a soft wrap dress), and a lasting, classic appeal, such as dark, structured denim, belted trench coats, and pointed toe stilettos. All of this in a palette of new, modern neutrals like white, dove grey, navy, pale blue, moss green, and mint, offset by statement jewelry in a fun mix of metals and colourful stones. It’s my work and the innovation of the company that stands out when I show up in classic, corporate pieces with a modern and casual twist, allowing me the freedom of movement and expression that reigns supreme in this innovative space.” – Trisha Beausaert, Public Relations Manager at Voices.com

“On casual Fridays, I love wearing a comfortable knit and basic bottoms. In this pose, I have a cropped cotton sweater by Nikos Nicolaou, a UK designer trend. Underneath, I am using a racer-back tank, courtesy of GUESS by Marciano. My trousers are a standard black business flare, and my specs come from the ever-prominent Ray-Ban collection. My one-stop-favourite-shop for workwear, casual-social, and even a night out would be Topshop – Hudson’s Bay, Toronto.” – Carlene Wiseman, Business Development Specialist at Voices.com

“Our company culture enables us to have so much freedom when it comes to our work wear, so I love to mix it up every day. Sometimes I’ll bring out the swingy skirts, and look like a Stepford wife. On every other day, I have dress in a casual wardrobe is boat party-ready.” – Sarah Jamieson, Project Administrator at Voices.com

“My everyday style is casual and comfy, but also bold and eclectic. A casual plaid top with bright nail or hair colour portrays my fun-loving personality while keeping me comfortable throughout the day. Colourful pieces are my favourite, such as a bold sandal with a neutral-coloured outfit. This keeps me versatile and ready for anything the summer can throw my way, including running out to the beach after work, or to a patio lunch with colleagues. My style is a mix of pieces from stores like RW & Co. and Garage. I’m very lucky to be part of such an amazing start-up that allows freedom of expression!” – Lisi Hentz, Business Development Specialist at Voices.com


The women of Voices.com, from left to right: Julianna, Trisha, Carlene, Sarah, and Lisi.

“When you are with a startup, you never know who you might meet. It’s important to me to look presentable, but also approachable. Also, my look has to work for me so I stick to flats (which help me run across town) and always have my glasses near by.” – Ashley Groves, Director of Growth at Whittl


Ashley Groves, Director of Growth at Whittl

“Start-up clothing is first and foremost comfortable—I’m only halfway joking when I say my style is, “If it fits, I sits.” As a project manager, I have to move around the office a lot, so I would never wear a constricting pencil skirt or crazy heels. In the heat of Texas summer, I usually wear maxi skirts or dresses but always throw a jacket on too, because Texans are serious about their AC.” – Manijeh Noori, Project Manager at The Zebra


Manijeh Noori, Project Manager at The Zebra

“[My startup style] is professional while still letting your personality shine through. While dresses and heels aren’t everyday, I like to mix it up with heels and boyfriend jeans or dresses with converse…Don’t be a hero, wear the flats.” – Kim Kaupe, Cofounder at ZinePak


Kim Kaupe, Cofounder at ZinePak

“I always say that Steve Jobs would have worn a dress if he was a woman. There’s a simplicity and convenience of a dress and shoes – nothing more to match or coordinate. Sheath dresses for client meetings, casual cotton for Fridays. Boots with tights in winter; sandals or flats in summer. Quick and easy.” – Jennifer Bolton, Cofounder of Zuzutot


Jennifer Bolton, Cofounder of Zuzutot

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