The 5 Coolest Lifestyle Apps Ever

Lifestyle apps never cease to be released that will make us all happier, healthier, more spoiled, more connected, and simply take  life to the next level. In today’s world there’s no shame in using technology to upgrade your quality of life, especially when a recent study suggests there’s a link between overall happiness and Internet connectivity.

Check out the five apps you can’t live – or live well – without.

1. Kittyo

Never feel guilty about leaving your four-legged family members home alone again. This nifty, interactive device and smartphone app lets you play, reward, and even soothe no matter where you are.

Kittyo is the next best thing to hiring a fur-kid nanny. The hourglass-shaped device can be controlled by your smartphone and lets you talk to your pet, tease them with a laser pointer, and even give out treats. For just $149, it’s almost as good as being there.

2. Thirstie

Nothing’s better after a long day in the rat race than a tub full of hot water and a glass full of vino. But what if you forgot to restock after that crisis with your girlfriends last weekend? No worries, Thirstie will deliver your favorite vintage right to your door – and usually in less than an hour.

This app just might be my dream come true. Sometimes you just need a cocktail and the bar cart is empty, but Thirstie delivers more than liquor. They also offer drink suggestions, recipes for the hottest new cocktails, wine tasting tips, and they can even help you learn how to tend bar like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail.”

Now you’ll never have to go without when nothing but a dirty vodka martini will do the trick. And the biggest bonus – this cocktail comes without some sleazy guy at the end of the bar trying to pick you up.

3. Couple

Long distance relationship got you feeling the blues? Then Couple is the app that will turn your lonely frown upside down. Designed to make those miles feel less daunting, Couple makes it easy to share every little thing with your sweetie.

With Thumbkiss you can literally reach out and touch someone. By placing your thumb on the screen exactly where your lover’s thumb is, both your phones will simultaneously vibrate. Now that’s one way to add some secret spice to that boring board meeting or convention keynote.

And the timeline feature lets you create a virtual scrapbook of your romance with videos, messages, and photos that mark important moments you want to share, distance be damned. Awww!

4. WakeBright

Waking up is hard to do, but thanks to WakeBright you can ease the pain by starting the day on your own terms. This app lets you customize your own wake up call including colors, sounds, and even a rundown of the day’s schedule and weather updates.

Gone are the days of the incessant buzzer or blaring beep – WakeBright lets you create your own alarm sound using music from your iTunes library or even your favorite Pandora station. Now you can finally have your secret singer crush serenade you into a new day.

This app is intuitive, easy to use, and can be yours for just $.99. And WakeBright doesn’t stop with getting your day started. It can also help you wind down with white noise or other soothing sounds to lull you to sleep.

5. Stylebook

Finally – a style app that lets you play with what’s already in your closet instead of trying to make you buy something new. Stylebook lets you catalog your entire wardrobe and play with outfit combos without ending up with a big pile of wrinkly rejects on the floor.

And if you’re one of those people who would rather call in sick than wear the same thing twice, this is the answer to your prayers. Stylebook will track what you’ve worn and let you know if you’re about to become a repeat offender.

You’ll also never have to worry if that pair of shiny new black boots in the window is too similar to your other pairs of black boots (come on – they’re all different!). Thanks to Stylebook, the contents of your closet are always within easy reach so you’ll know exactly how to justify that impulse purchase.

Which of these life-changing apps are you downloading right now? (It’s just too hard to resist!)

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