5 Creative Ways to Use Stickers to Promote Your Brand

When it comes to promoting your brand, nothing is more exciting than seeing someone wearing your company branded t-shirt. While the chances of randomly running across someone wearing or using your company branded swag is pretty slim, that doesn’t mean you should diminish the loyalty of your existing audience and customers. Instead, it just means you need to get a bit more creative!

Through the use of the internet, it’s never been easier to connect with a global audience, while also minimizing your costs on different types of advertising and outreach. One such mention is through the use of stickers!

Why stickers you ask? Simple: they are cheap to make, fun to hand out and can be used to promote your brand or business in ways you may never have previously thought of.

We’re going go take a look at five different ways you can start using stickers in your marketing and branding. The most important thing to remember when considering stickers as a gift or promotional item is to make them interesting and more relatable with your audience – versus trying to make them promotional for yourself or your brand. After all, who would want to slap a sticker of a company name or website on their car or laptop – not many.

Stickers Are a Brand Marketer’s Best Friend

When it comes to starting a business or creating promotional materials, the internet has made this process a whole lot easier and more cost effective. In the past, you would need to find a local designer, printer and then pay outrageous costs just to get your materials made, printed and shipped. Now with the internet, it’s a lot easier, as sticker and print providers can easily do the work at a fraction of the cost.

Stickermule is one such solution and through their custom sticker ideas page, we got the inspiration for this post today. While many of us might think of a sticker being circle or square and small in size, brands of all sizes are getting quite creative with their branding efforts and passing it along to their customers in the process.

Check out these creative ways brands crushing it with their own custom made stickers.

Business Cards with Built-In Stickers

Everyone loves a good business card that stands out from the crowd, but how cool would it be to have a business card that actually “sticks” with your customers? This is exactly what the Chop Shop did with their business cards. Now instead of tossing away a business card or having it stuff inside a drawer forever, there’s a good chance your loyal customers might place your sticker on their laptop, car or refrigerator. This is a perfect lesson in that, if you are going to invest your time and money into creating a business card, you might as well make it awesome!


Product Labels That Are Just Really Cool Stickers

When you think of a food or drink label, you probably think of it as part of the production process. However, for smaller and independent brands, the label on their products are often just stickers! The cool thing about having a sticker as your product label is that it’s not only cost-effective, it also allows you to have complete customization of your design as well. I love this example from Bear Beard Bear, as it’s not a traditional oval, but die-cut with the bear’s head extending out and bringing life to the brand logo.


Customize Your Wedding Experience

For anyone that’s had a wedding of their own, you can truly appreciate the little things that make it special. While this concept might not be a brand, it’s definitely a service that wedding and design related services could offer. Check out the sticker below, which was fully customized with an original graphic of the bride and groom, while also featuring their names at the bottom.


Never Forget the WiFi Password Again

How many times have you went to a local coffee shop and wanted to know the WiFi password so you could get online? It happens all the time, and the last thing you want to do is go both the person at the front desk and ask them for the password. The Daily Coffee shop came up with a great idea for their stickers, which not only helps to keep their WiFi password easily accessible but also a great way to spread their branding in the process.


Branded Stickers Were Made for College

There are few times in life when you will have a passion and experience like when you are in college. The experience, the games, the teams and your participation in all of it is simply a time you will never forget. In addition to everything else going on, it’s almost a requirement to show off your school spirit with branded t-shirts and gears. Throw college branded stickers into the mix and you soon have thousands of advertisements literally walking around your campus.


With customized stickers becoming more cost-effective and easily accessible online, there’s never been a better time to start creating stickers for your site or brand. Take another quick look through the examples above and see how you might be able to better brand yourself in the offline world.

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