5 MarTech Startups You Should Know About

With the rise of new technology and innovation, it’s no surprise that the marketing tech (MarTech) space is truly booming. As a result of an increasing number of businesses need for analytics, data, and new communication tools to revolutionize their marketing efforts, MarTech companies that make big data simpler, and more accessible are a necessity.

The field as a whole has raised over $21.8 billion dollars and is producing some of the most promising companies out there. With all of this investment, it’s easy to see why the industry has grown by around 170 percent in one short year–making an impact in 43 different categories.

With that impressive information at hand, here are some MarTech startups you should look out for:


Since no two customers are alike in terms of their needs, interests, and behavior, personalized marketing has gained momentum in recent years. Optimove is at the forefront of this growing initiative.

The tool uses advanced algorithms and analysis to  segment users into unique personas, based on behavioral data. Optimove’s unique combination of technologies then enables marketers to deliver highly-effective personalized customer marketing campaigns. The result is an emotionally intelligent connection with customers, culminating in a dramatic increase in engagement, brand loyalty and all measurable customer metrics.

Following Optimove’s founding in 2009, the company quickly grew to more than180 clients including Zynga, Outbrain, Nelly, Lucky Vitamin, Caesar’s Interactive, and many more. They now have offices in three continents and continue to be a leading player in the MarTech space.


We all know there’s an abundance of data out there. However, when this data isn’t centralized, it can be extremely time-consuming to use it in a manner that is practical and valuable. Domo changes all of this by streamlining all of your business data into one convenient place. The platform is able to aggregate information from over 300 sources, in order to get the full picture of everything happening throughout the company as well as the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.

With such a relevant platform, the company has grown to include over 1000 clients and 600 employees – raising over $450 million in funds from investors.


With all the noise out there, it's difficult for brands to effectively reach out and attract customers to their site organically. However, by notifying users of events and data pertinent to their needs and interests, it’s much easier to formulate genuine relationships with your audience.

That’s where Robuzz comes in. Robuzz uses real-time alerts to notify users of important news, conversations, and stories surrounding specific topics of interest. Because the tool is able to use big data to analyze the most important news, stories, and interests of your clients – your brand is able to connect with them on a more personal level. For this reason, big names such as Forbes, JP Morgan, Apple, and Ritz Carlton are avid users of the tool.


In the realm of ecommerce, abandoned carts and lost opportunities are significant obstacles to success. But through a notification system such as Trackif, you’ll be instantly alerted about products your users are sharing on social media as well as other key indicators and analytics to ensure you bring on the right products at the right time.

Through Trackif’s ability to effectively discover customer’s buying habits, sites such as LastCall, World Market, and LightingDirect are among their list of satisfied customers.


We all know that content has become an integral part of everyone’s marketing plan. But with an ever-expanding list of companies putting their content out there–it's becoming more and more difficult to optimize that content and make sure it is read.  

BrightEdge provides organizations with analytics, predictions, and keyword data to help you come up with a successful content plan sure to blow away your competitors. The tool’s insights have helped leading companies such as Adobe, Rackspace, and Groupon produce stellar content that increases engagement and onsite activity.

The rise of MarTech has brought about the future of marketing and relationship management. Because companies are now able to take better advantage of data, statistics, and customer patterns – they are becoming increasingly familiar with what makes their customers tick – helping them to strategize more effective ways of reaching them. Of course, this enables them to drastically boost engagement and develop a genuine connection between consumers and their favorite brands.

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