How to Build a Successful Website in 5 Easy Steps

Millions of blogs and websites are being built and uploaded online every day. So what separates normal sites from highly successful sites? Follow these 5 simple steps to ensure your site is among the best.

Below is an infographic showing the five steps to create a successful website, which breaks down the most important steps in building any website or blog. This will guarantee your site is built efficiently, shows purpose, and offers value to your target audience.

1. Plan Your Site

The first and most important step is planning. Find your focus, target audience, reasons why you’re building, and establish your overall site goals. By recognizing your target audience, you will be able to cater your design and content better. This will lead to long-term growth and overall success of the site.

2. Build Your Site

There are multiple ways a person can build a blog or site. The market is also saturated with web builder programs, software, and platforms. I recommend WordPress; it’s free and easy. WordPress allows its users to easily create and manipulate content and is extremely user-friendly. WordPress offers thousands of unique themes that allow its users to create endless amounts of site designs to suit their individual needs. When hosted through a provider, WordPress can also be setup with a simple one-click install, which means there is no need for software.

3. Choose Your Web Host

Before setting up your web site or blog, you will find need a place to host your content. Traditional web hosting fees are around $10 a month. I recommend looking for a premium host that offers unlimited domain names and bandwidth, which will allow you to create multiple sites under one shared hosting plan. It’s also recommended that you look for a host that provides superior support and have one-click WordPress installation built in. This allows the user to easily install a site in minutes.

4. Choose a Domain Name

The domain name is the URL and name that will be associated with your site and brand. This is how people find your site. As an example, this site’s name is “”.  No matter your location in the world, anyone with internet access can access your site from anywhere, at any time. A typical domain name usually cost between $10-20 per year and are on an annual renewal basis. Domains are also linked to your web hosting services. The two communicate with each other allowing your domain to link to the database your site is hosted on and appear to the world on the web.

5. Publish Your First Content

With all of the above now completed, you should now be ready to publish your site. I recommend you ensure everything is in place prior to publishing, including content, media, links, and more. You can refer to this article to find some ideas and tools for coming up with new content ideas.

Once the domain and hosting are purchased, log into your account and install WordPress with only a few clicks of the mouse. Once installation is complete, log into your new WordPress site’s dashboard and start adding your content! Content can include literature, media links, blog posts, pictures, videos, and more! It is incredibly important to remember, successful websites and blogs online do not need to take a lot of time.

Stay focused, stay happy, and try not to get discouraged through the process. Remember to always provide value in your content. Enjoy!

5-Steps-to-Starting-a-Successful-Web-Site (1)

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