5 Tips to Ensure That You Never Run Out of Blog Ideas

A big part of owning a blog and being involved in content marketing is generating exciting article titles that will attract readers. The Internet is rife with content and therefore bloggers, professional essay writerm and article marketers must continually find ways to make their content stand out from the information posted on the Internet.

Below is a list of tools that can help you to generate interesting topics so that you will never run out of ideas for your next blog post, article, essay, news feature and other content posted on your site.

Using a Blog Topic Generation Tools

HubSpot for instance has designed one such tool, known as the Blog Topic Generator. This tool offers up a list of possible topics from a set of up to three keywords inserted in the search fields.

Say for instance you run an SEO blog and want to write about content marketing, SEO and use of social media. All you need to do using HubSpot’s tool is to enter the three keywords under the noun 1, 2 and 3 fields. The Blog Topic Generator then offers you a list of potential topics to write about, for example, “7 Reasons Why You Need to Invest Towards SEO”, “How Content Marketing Will Have Evolved in 60 years” and “30 Top Social Media Blogs to Follow in 2015”.

Going for this tool can help you to save loads of time since it does what you would typically do in a long brainstorming session.

Play Out the ‘Ad Strategy Method’

This is how this works, still using the above example of SEO, social media and content marketing articles:

  • Write out a list of all possible internet/inbound marketing techniques that are there e.g. search engine marketing, PPC, content/article marketing, SEO social media marketing etc.
  • Write out a list of as many industries/professions out there e.g. retail, manufacturing, accounting, finance etc.
  • Pick out one marketing technique and one industry.
  • Based on your selection, develop a useful article topic to cover. You can also use the tool above to help you with that.

If for instance you select social media marketing and finance, two article titles might be “5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Social Media Marketing To Generate Business” or “How Social Media Marketing Can Be Used To Revolutionize The World Of Finance”.

This method is similar to using the blog topic generator, but it is also different in that it requires you to apply a bit of your own creativity and to think outside the box. This way you can come up with topics and articles that you wouldn’t otherwise get from the Blog Topic Generator.

Use Your History

Look at articles and blog posts you have written in the past and try to see how you can develop other articles building on those. For instance, if you wrote time-bound articles e.g. “3 Social Media Marketing Techniques That Will Prevail in 2014, come 2015 you have another article just waiting for you to write it.

Remember to change the wording of the article title to avoid exact duplication. This approach is also advantageous since you are simply building up on older content and therefore are likely to come up with new articles faster.

That’s not all – building on your older articles also helps you to improve your internal linking strategy, since you can reference the old article in the new and vice versa. This way you generate more traffic for pages on your website and that in a more natural way than just having a list of related articles somewhere in the middle of your content.

Look Where Your Clients Are Hurting

Everybody faces challenges and your clients may have areas that are challenging where more information is necessary. Identify these challenges, research on them and then address them within your articles.

Say for instance, you have clients who are small business owners that find it hard to attract customers at certain periods of the year, such as during the summer when many people go on vacation. Alternatively, they deal in seasonal goods, which are only in demand during certain times of the year.

You can write an article about how such businesses can attract customers and record high revenue even during the off-season periods for their core business operations – like through product diversification.

Look at Your Product Benefits

Similarly, you can center articles around how the products you sell can benefit consumers. If for example you are selling nutritional supplements, you can cover each supplement and potential benefits for different individual groups – men, women, children, older people among others.

You can also write general articles on the benefits of different nutrients for better life. To take it a notch higher, look at it from different perspectives. If there are controversies surrounding some product for instance, research and offer both sides of the argument, decisively concluding where possible.

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Vinod Jethwani is the CEO and Founder of Walnut Solutions and he helps web based companies with his SEO strategies to grown their revenue. He started his career in 2007 as a software developer with an Indian based MNC and later in 2011 became an entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @VinodJethwani or through his blog.
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