5 Things To Know About Resurrecting a Dying App

With the plethora of apps we have available on the market, it’s no wonder that apps come and go as often as they do. But sometimes, even the best apps can fall prey to the trends and be on the deep end of their lifespan. It doesn’t matter if your app has generated good download numbers for a while after launch or was D.O.A, despite a good concept. Don’t worry, though – lots of app owners have been able to revive their product with some of these five crucial strategies.

Launch a Paid-to-Free Campaign

There are a couple of tactics for this maneuver.

If you have a paid app, offer it for free for a limited time (say, 48 hours) and promote that special offer far and wide.

Using this tactic can significantly increase traffic and bring you an influx of new customers – after all, everyone loves free things.

If you have a free app, you can make one of your in-app paid purchases free for a while. If you go about this route, remember that the in-app purchase must be non-consumable. Anything that is subscription-based can’t be made free. Items such as your “remove ads” would be a non-consumable.

Once you have gotten that great uptick in downloads, then you can move onto other strategies for monetizing your app even more.

Change Out Keywords

If you have been using high competition keywords in your app store optimization strategy, try looking for low competition ones instead. Using a good keyword can help set you apart from the competition, so choose with caution.

Switch Out Your Designs

Everything from your icon to the actual user interface can engage a potential customer – or not. Sometimes, the best solution is simply changing some of your visuals to peak interest.

If you are struggling with design ideas, getting some help from a professional app creation group may be a good idea.

Pitch Your App to a Publisher

Still struggling on finding solutions for your dying app? Maybe it’s time to consider getting professional help. App publishers market for a living, allowing you to focus on what you do best if marketing is not your strong suit.

Using an app publisher will also help to highlight what areas you can improve on, as even the most experienced app creators can be vulnerable to making some major mistakes in marketing from time to time. If you can find a publisher who wants to carry and promote your app, the commission percentage you pay may be well worth it.

Try Facebook Ads

This tactic can potentially be the most expensive, but can have a significant impact on bringing your app back to life. This also requires the most strategy in how long the ads wil run, but the results can be worth it. Investing in these Faceobook ads can get a rush of downloads, and boost your App or Play Store rankings.

You will also want to target different audiences with those ads and then run the analytics to see which audience is more receptive. Targeting both previous app users and those who are users of your closest competitors’ will lead you towars the best results.

To develop a strategy, do a little research on what works best for you, before investing your time and money.

Lots of apps languish in the stores – apps that are truly great. Yours may be one of those. Implementing these five strategies can help bring your app back to live and into the public eye again.

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Written by:
Abdullahi Muhammed is a writer, difference maker and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Oxygenmat and he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and a few other sites.
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