Abdullahi Muhammed is a writer, difference maker and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Oxygenmat and he writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and a few other sites.


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Here Are 7 Content Marketing Tips for Your Startup

Most effective startups hit the ground running with their content marketing efforts. If you own a startup and want to generate a lot of buzz, build up a base of interested buyers and, take the world by storm, you're going to need to focus on content marketing way...


How to Improve Your Startup’s Online Reputation

Online reputation is something that can take months or even years to build. On the other hand, it can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Your startup is fragile and even one bad review can ruin you in the early stages of the process. Fortunately for you, there...


How To Create a Quality Product Demo Video

Most companies invest in video marketing. According to a recent report by Social Media Today, 64% of customers feel compelled to make a purchase after watching a product tutorial/demo video.  Unbounce reports that featuring a video on a landing page can boost conversions by...


3 Marketing Tips for Growing Your Startup Quickly

Startups are emerging in the business sphere at a tremendous rate. Every day, entrepreneurs launch new business concepts, and try to carve a niche for themselves in a world where competition holds sway. For many startups, the most challenging aspect of business is acquiring...