5 Ways Technology Can Organize Your Startup

For any business to be successful, it’s essential that businesses adapt a productive process as early on as possible. Learning this early on can help startups more than they think – especially when it comes to making money as efficiently and quickly as possible. It’s also important to address issues head on and in a timely fashion. For example, does a lack of organization hinder your company?

According to research, disorganization in the workplace is incredibly common. A survey revealed that 27 percent of employees feel disorganized, and 91 percent say they would be more efficient if better organization was implemented. Another 55 percent said they could save between 30 minutes and one hour per day at work with more organization.

An unorganized business is one that is late on payroll, spends excess time and money on business processes, has confused employees, and has a mess of files – either digitally or physically. Needless to say, this chaos can lead to lost revenue and unhappy employees.

A part of growing your startup is curbing that chaos and calling for some organization. There are several technical solutions to this problem, so let’s take a closer look:

Schedule Employee Shifts

As your startup gains more employees, you’ll need to keep track of who works and when. There’s no reason for your snow cone shack to go unattended, just because there was no organized system in place.

Therefore, consider using an employee shift scheduling software like Zip Schedules. This software is easy to use, cloud-based, and makes editing and filling shifts simple. Plus, the process only takes five minutes or less. There are a number of software platforms out there that make tracking employees a breeze – all you need to do is pick one.

Track Time

Whether you’re doing payroll or billing clients, accurate time tracking is essential for protecting your reputation and preventing legal trouble. When time is tracked properly, it makes the billing and payroll process a cinch.

Startups might try Toggl, which is great for both small businesses and freelancers. It’s affordable and deeply integrated to allow accurate time reports across multiple projects. These software programs establish organization and efficiency in every part of the business.

Manage Projects

Startups typically work with a variety of teams and project managers that are scattered geographically. It’s easier and more affordable to work with freelancers than to hire full-time employees, but it’s also more difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

With software like Wrike, you have cloud-based organization to keep everyone on track. Project management software lets you assign projects and teams, helps you track their progress in real time, and eliminates excuses that result from poor communication.

Download Business Apps

Monitoring your business on the go is also very important for busy entrepreneurs. In the early stages of business, your work doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Thankfully, you can always be connected to your work through mobile apps.

Most of your cloud software will also have apps that can be updated and viewed on any mobile device. Other apps you might consider include Google Drive, Squarespace, Periscope, Mint, and Tiny Scanner.

File on the Cloud

Get rid of the piles of paper in your office and the random files on your desktop. There’s no point making it difficult to find things when you can easily store all your files on the cloud.

Using storage systems like Amazon S3, you have access to free storage that allows you to keep files organized and accessible for all authorized parties. Storage software keeps you from losing files and appearing unorganized as your startup grows.

Which tools will you utilize in your growing startup?

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