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A well-designed business website should be clear and easy to understand, appealing directly to its target audience. Done right, a website can make a big difference to your company's presence, driving customers to buy who might otherwise be on the fence.

A full 91 percent of customers have ended up visiting a store due to a positive online experience. If your business is entirely online, or has an ecommerce arm, a great website is essential: It’s your virtual storefront, and keeping it up to date is key.

In order to get that truly sparkling website, business owners can’t trust amateurs. Website designers have the knowledge of which color schemes, graphics and layouts will make the most sense to a viewer, and which SEO practices will put that site in front of them in the first place. How can you find the best company or individual to design your website? Read on to find out.

How Much Does a Web Designer Cost?

Website design pricing varies based on the size and functionality of the website required. A simple brochure-style page might be up to around $500, while a website that can handle ecommerce could run you between $1,300 and $3,250, thanks to the order management system, delivery tracking and live chat functions it will need. Database-driven websites – which revolve around bespoke functions – are the most expensive of all, often costing over $10,000.

Learn more about cost factors in our dedicated guide to web designer costs.

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Should You Outsource Web Design?

Outsourcing any business task can be a huge boon or a big risk. With website design, it all depends on who is more likely to provide the necessary care and expertise: you, or a hired professional?

A benefit of outsourcing your website creation to a web design firm is that it requires specialized knowledge, which they will certainly have. By contrast, as it’s a one-time job, your in-house IT generalists might not have much experience with it.

The big disadvantage of outsourcing? You might wind up with an unscrupulous or corner-cutting designer if you don’t vet them properly. We explain all you need to know about outsourcing web design in our full guide.

Creating a Website Yourself

If you don’t need a flashy site or any bespoke functionality, there’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at creating your own site. has also undertaken an in-depth examination of all the best DIY website builders: a type of online software that allows anyone to make a site in a few easy steps.

In our simple-to-follow guide, we explain how to pick a template, how to tweak it with a drag-and-drop editor, and how to set it up on its own website domain.

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How To Choose a Web Designer

Web designers might operate as freelance individuals or as a company. When looking for one, you should consider three aspects of the finished site: How complex a format you need, what functionality you’ll require, and how many total webpages the site will have.

A simple five-page brochure-style website requires a different type of designer than one that supports blogging, ecommerce, or a searchable database.

Look for any web designers who have made similar sites, and you’ll have a few potential contractors.

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Web Design

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Web Design

How Much Does a Website Designer Cost?

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