6 Tools to Support Multiple Clients at Your Help Desk

Most help desk ticketing systems specialize in helping one business support all of its customers or internal users. These solutions include searchable databases that allow customers to locate solutions to their own issues. As helpful as this setup is, it fails to meet the needs of a growing group of businesses that provide support to multiple brands.

From app development firms to desktop support providers, businesses across the globe now service multiple customers. Instead of paying salaried workers to work on site forty hours a week, businesses can now outsource those tasks to technology providers that charge an hourly rate to multiple businesses as services are needed. To manage their help desk tickets, those businesses need multi-branded support, which gives them the opportunity to set up multiple support desks to serve each client separately. Here are a few tools that can help.


Desk.com’s multi-branded support feature makes it easy to toggle between client accounts and make your staff happier. Businesses can add new accounts with a click of a button and set up separate support centers for each one. Each product line has its own self-service center to allow businesses to have their own knowledge bases. Businesses can also use built-in web themes to create a unique visual experience for each client, as well as give each client a unique login complete with advanced settings.


When a customer places a help desk ticket, it’s important that the ticket be routed to the right technician to expedite service. FreshDesk’s multi-product helpdesk lets businesses create a unique mailbox for each client, with incoming tickets assigned to a designated group of technicians and replies coming from a predetermined email address. Businesses can assign experts for each supported product for those tickets that need advanced support.


For businesses that use Salesforce, ZenDesk’s multi-brand option may be the best choice. ZenDesk’s integrations recognize the separate brands that have been set up in a business’s ZenDesk account, including Salesforce and JIRA. This means sales teams can enjoy the convenience of working in separate environments, allowing them to better serve their own customers.


Reamaze specializes in customer support for app developers, a growing number of which code apps for multiple clients. Tickets can be placed via email, social media, or live chat and an embeddable code puts the request for help directly within the app. The multi-brand support option also works for marketplace-type stores, allowing businesses that sell across multiple online sites to manage tickets in one place.

Vision Helpdesk

Global businesses can benefit from Vision Helpdesk’s multi-customer option, which includes support for multiple languages, time zones, and business hours. When ticket automation rules are specific to a client’s unique business hours, businesses can more easily expand their customer bases internationally without sacrificing the quality of the customer service they provide. Although time zones are specific to each type of customer, staff members can add their own time zones to see tickets as they came in on their own time, rather than based on the customer’s time.

Sprout Social

Many customer requests these days come through social media, but keeping up with multiple client accounts can be complicated. Sprout Social’s social media management feature alerts businesses when a brand is mentioned, delivering the information to a centralized inbox. Incoming messages can be tagged so that teams assigned to specific accounts can easily locate them. Since most major social media sites are supported, a brand can monitor all social media accounts using this one tool.

Managing multiple clients in one organization can be tricky, especially when software doesn’t support it. These tools can make it easy to separate client accounts to provide the best possible customer support to each client and never miss a ticket.

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