Ahmad graduated in masters of business administration from Cardiff University and he enjoys sharing his input about gadgets, technology, games, entrepreneurship. When not plugged in writing reviews for Mobile phones you can find him playing around with his cute little nieces who keep him occupied and inspired.


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5 Startup Challenges Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Anticipate

New entrepreneurs have big dreams, but there are many things that can stand in the way of bringing their vision to fruition. This isn’t surprising when you consider that entrepreneurs who have already been involved in multiple startups can still make the same mistakes....


6 Tools to Support Multiple Clients at Your Help Desk

Most help desk ticketing systems specialize in helping one business support all of its customers or internal users. These solutions include searchable databases that allow customers to locate solutions to their own issues. As helpful as this setup is, it fails to meet the...


Top 7 Challenges Connected Car Companies Face

Merging data and telecommunications has been catapulted to the front and center of the IT world– connected cars are the newest innovation to explore the inclusion of smart-technology. Fleett telematics, which is the basic principal of assimilation of data and tech, has already ...


List of 15 Features to Expect in iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is all set to release in the second week of September. The launch date is approaching fast, and it is becoming clear what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 6. Since Apple is tight-lipped about the most anticipated gadget of 2014, we...