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7 Best Android Apps for Car Owners

Given how busy most of us are, we often tend to forget or push to the side those small yet extremely important things that need to get done, such as regular car maintenance. We don’t give our vehicles enough credit. I mean, they do so much for us, yet in a lot of cases, they have a habit of being the last thing on our list of things to take care of. Then comes the day when we are running late for work and suddenly, the car doesn’t start, o

  • r we have a flat tire. That’s when we start cursing ourselves because we realize how important that engine light check really was.Due to our fast paced lifestyles, we usually look to our cell phones to do most of our mundane thinking, planning and scheduling which actually works out great in this case, as there are many different apps that will not only track, but will assist and prompt you to take care of your car. Take a look at some of the top Android apps that will help keep  car owners rolling.

    1. Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

    Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

    Car Maintenance Reminder Lite is a great all-in-one app. Not only does it remind you when you are due for your next tune up, but it tracks your fuel efficiency, cost, and mileage by building statistics about your gas consumption, how far you drive in a day and the overall cost per day. It will tell you based on your mileage when you are due for an oil change, transmission flush, tire rotation and when you need a break pad change, almost everything you could possibly need. The best part is, you can use it for more than one vehicle. If you are looking for a way to keep your wheels on the road and remain as economical as you can, then this is the app you are looking for.

    2. aCar


    aCar is great for the tracking and managing of fuel consumption, servicing, maintenance, and expenses of your vehicle. It serves as a great tool for any type of car, truck or motorcycle. It even goes as far as categorizing your expenses, be it for work or pleasure. It allows you to monitor exactly where you are spending money and by use of your phone’s GPS, it can provide you useful information based on your specific location all of which you can share on social media. It also allows you the option of saving your data on your phones SD-Card to avoid taking too much space and slow down your device. You can visit their website for more information on the free & paid version.

    3. myCARFAX


    myCARFAX is another great app for monitoring and tracking regular maintenance. One major perk about this app is that it actually provides information based on YOUR car’s maintenance schedule rather than giving you a generic report. This app also gives you a heads up when your registration is coming due, it can locate local repair shops and will help compare prices by providing you with cost estimates for the work you need done, without even having to call the shop. It can manage up to 5 vehicles, all of which you can create a profile and share with your friends on social media. You can also register on their website and get alerts for upcoming services.

    4. AUTOsist


    If you have multiple vehicles even including airplanes and boats then this app is for you. With its extremely well laid out and easy to use interface, AUTOsist allows you to not only track your vehicles maintenance schedule, but it allows you the ability to produce reports, take and store pictures of receipts, be it for fuel or maintenance and then share the information with anyone by simply downloading the PDF version of the report. It comes as a great tool when selling a vehicle, as you will have your vehicles entire history at your fingertips which allows for easy access to information and the ability to share it with a potential buyer. You can visit their website to know more about its features.

    5. Car Manager

    Car Manager

    Car manager is a great app for those who specifically want to track their expenses. Like most of the other apps, it provides the ability to track, monitor maintenance, repairs and will remind you when you are due for an oil change or tire rotation, but it goes the extra mile when it comes to detailing exactly how much you are spending. As it tracks fuel economy and mileage, it also adds in how much you are paying in insurance or for parking, giving you a very detailed and accurate account of your monthly expenses. You are then able to export your information by downloading it into a excel spreadsheet which can be shared between devices.

    6. CarPros


    The cool thing about CarPros app is its ability to monitor and provide feedback on your vehicles RPM, MAF, IAT, speed, coolant temperature, ignition timing and a variety of other things. It can help you identify trouble codes as well as clear them from multiple vehicles. It’s great for reminding you of upcoming maintenance about specific parts and can also help you locate the nearest auto shop.

    7. Drivvo


    If you want an app that can not only monitor your fuel consumption and mileage in multiple different units, but can search and store gas station information, upload previously stored data from similar apps and provide detailed feedback via reports, charts and graphs then Drivvo is your app. As you input your data, the app will automatically begin creating a variety of statistics including maintenance records, distance statistics, fuel consumption, road conditions, costs associated with repairs and maintenance as well as a whole slew of other things. You can then store your information and sort it either by date or vehicle. You can also visit their website (in Portuguese) for more information regarding the app.

    There are so many apps out there to help make our busy lives a little easier all the while helping to keep a little extra cash in our pockets. When scrolling through hundreds of options, this list should hopefully make it easier to pick an app best suited to your needs so it can effortlessly take care of your car and keep your 4 wheel baby rolling for miles to come.

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