7 Cool Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Outdoor Lovers

If you are a hardworking geek who also has a sweet spot for mother nature, but sometimes feels intimidated in the great outdoors without technology technology around, this post is for you! Install a few cool apps, grab the following gadgets, and head into the wild without stepping out too far from your comfort zone!

Here are 7 cool gadgets for tech-savvy outdoor lovers:


An inexpensive ($14.95), eco-friendly solar charged lantern, capable of producing 80 lumens of light for a 15 square foot area. Fully waterproof and shatterproof, the lantern can hold the charge for up to 12 hours.

2. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

Always have clean, drinkable water at hand with this small, yet handy device. Simply fill in the bag and squeeze the water out through the water filter device. The bag comes in different sizes, yet it takes almost zero space as you can roll it up when not in use. Prices depend on the set you choose and start from as low as $8.99.

3. ACR ResQlink 406 Personal Locator Beacon

If your biggest peeve about hiking is getting lost, this device is essential for you! This high-powered emergency locator and GPS is integrated with three levels of signal technology, so that you can send a distress signal to SAR teams from any location on planet Earth. On-board GPS is accurate up to 100 meters and 406 MHz signal relays information to the worldwide SAR satellite network with one click. It may be a bit pricey ( $325 for this model), however you can grab a discount coupon here.

4. Kodiak USB Power Bank

Obviously, you travel with a few devices that need charging. Kodiak is light-weight, portable, dust and waterproof, plus ruggedized against accidentally drops. It comes in three versions (2200mAh, 6000mAh, and 10,000mAh) with a rechargeable 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery to that allows charge your smartphone 3 times!

5. SteriPen Ultra

Traveling abroad to a developing country or just want to keep your water super clean, SteriPen eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa with UV light. It’s compact, efficient (works for 8,000 one-liter treatments) and you can request a new SteriPen for free through their pledge initiative when you reach the life limit.

6. Handspresso Wild Hybrid

If you need your coffee fix each morning to matter where in the jungles you are, handspresso is a portable espresso maker that uses either E.S.E pods or ground espresso coffee. You can generate a 16-bar pressure, add hot water, espresso coffee and voila – a delicious, high quality espresso is ready! No battery or electricity needed!

7. BioLite Campstove with Portable Grill


Set up a smokeless fire for cooking meals with zero hassle and use the excessive heat to charge the battery pack. Afterwards, plugin any device via USB to get it charged! A two-in-one solution that just needs some wood to function!


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