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8 Productivity Tools for Startups

Running a startup is fraught with challenges. Nurturing an idea into a product or service, impressing investors to invest in a startup, identifying the target audience, convincing people about its goods and services, collaborating with team members, and working within strict deadlines are some of the things that distract startup founders from daily productivity. Being understaffed, having tight budgets, and needing to perform too many tasks can make going tough for them. But they need not worry as they can get the better of their problems and concerns through some enterprising productivity tools.

These tools will enable startups to organize their affairs so they can address their issues in a much better way. Such solutions will help to automate their manual tasks, saving their precious time and effort for crucial tasks. Objectives and goals are more clearly seen and met when confidence is boosted through organization.

Check out these 8 useful web-based project management tools that will enable startups to be on top of their plans and projects:

1. ProofHub

Price: ProofHub offers four different pricing plans.

Nano at $15/month.

Standard at $49/month.

Premium at $99/month.

Enterprise at $149 per month.

Apart from these, it also offers a personal plan which does not incur any charge.

Main Features:


Gantt charts


File Proofing


Chat/Group Chat


ProofHub is a simple and intuitive project management tool. In it, all the projects, clients and team members associated with a startup are held together at one central place along with project specific to-do lists, discussions, files and milestones.  This useful application protects customers’ data through modern techniques and secures it from any unauthorized access.

2. Smartsheet

Price: Smartsheet comes with 4 different pricing plans.

Basic at $14 per month.

Advanced at $25 per month.

Team at $39 per month.

Enterprise whose pricing can be known after making a call to Smartsheet.

Main Features:


Cell Linking

Resource Management

Web Forms



Admin Tools

Enterprise Platform


Smartsheet is specifically built for those users who require a kind of spreadsheet for their startup. Companies needing to plan budget, track spreadsheet or anything else related to a spreadsheet can derive benefit from this enterprising tool. Team members are able to share PDFs and spreadsheets. It also offers a CRM and client management feature.

3. Producteev

Price: There are two pricing plans in Producteev.

FREE is completely free.

PRO costs $99 per month.

Main Features:




Activity Feed

Audit Trail


Outlook Integration

Interface Customization


Producteev, a task management solution from Jive lets team members collaborate smoothly through projects and tasks which can be assigned and executed through emails, web access, or iPhone integration. Members receive alerts, so deadlines do not get missed by them. Files can be attached to tasks by adding a comment. Members can upload files from their device, Dropbox or Box.

4. Collabtive

Price: Free

Main Features:



File Management




Collabtive is an open source project management suite that is simple to use. Businesses are able to send messages to their team members. It offers milestones and task lists features. With a Timetracker, a business is able to know how much time its team spent in completing a project.

5. Wunderlist

Price: Wunderlist comes in three different pricing plans.

Wunderlist basic is free.

Wunderlist Pro at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Wunderlist for Business at $4.99 per user/month or $49.99 per user/year.

Main Features:

Add files

Assign To-dos




By using Wunderlist task management, a business is able to create lists for managing its to-dos and share them with team members working and collaborating on a project. Lists get updated fast through its Real-time Sync feature irrespective of the physical location of the members. All the communication is hosted at one place and can be accessed by every team member. This tool can be accessed from anywhere, at any time from a iPhone, Android or Mac. Reminders ensure that to-dos do not get missed or forgotten. Notes enable capturing of ideas. Emails can be turned into actions by forwarding them. Files can also be added.

6. OmniFocus

Price: OmniFocus 2 for Mac consists of two different plans:

1. OmniFocus 2 for Mac Standard costing $39.99.

2. OmniFocus 2 for Mac Professional priced at $79.99.

OmniFocus for iPhone costs  $19.99.

Main Features:

Quick Entry

Calendar Integration

Reliable Syncing


Siri Capture

Location-based Alerts


Custom Perspectives



OmniFocus, a personal task manager, enables businesses to properly manage their work-related tasks from anywhere. A business is able to turn its thoughts into a to-do list. This solution collects all the data, to do lists, thoughts and notes, so things do not get overlooked or missed by team members. It organizes them, so a business is clear about its goals. It is able to achieve them timely. All of its data gets synced onto the cloud server at OmniFocus and it can be referenced from any location and at any time.

7. Assembla

Price: Assembla has three different pricing options:

Personal plan is free.

Professional plans offer four different types; $24/month, $49/month, $99/month and $199/month.

Enterprise plans start at $10/user/month with minimum 20 users.

Main Features:

Workspaces Overview

Task/Issue Management

Subversion, Git & Perforce

Social Collaboration

Team/Client Management


Assembla is a collaborative project management service for managing tasks and code in software development projects. Its card wall feature organizes work of team members based in different locations. They are able to see which member is working on which task, the  stage of development of each task, and which of their tasks warrant immediate attention. It also provides Git hosting for hosting code in secure and reliable manner. Its ticketing system enables proper management of support tickets. Social collaboration feature facilitates communication and collaboration among team members. Time tracking enables a startup to track time spent by its members on various tasks in a project.

8. Redbooth

Price: It offers six different plans.

STARTER plan costs $49/month up to 10 users.

PRO is priced at $99/month for up to 20 users.

PLUS incurs a charge of $149/month up to 30 users.

ENTERPRISE costs $199/month for up to 50 users.

ELITE and ON-PREM are for increased number of users for which Redbooth needs to be contacted for custom pricing.

Main Features:

User reports

Workload view

Power search

Time tracking

Manage tasks by email

Share files via email

Role-based permissions


This project management program facilitates collaboration among team members and boosts team productivity. Tasks can be better organized. Redbooth can be flexibly adapted to a team’s workflow. Moreover it is easy to use. It can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer. A team’s status and progress can be tracked fast with it, which can prevent bottlenecks. Tasks can be created from email. Role-based permissions help to secure data in a project.

These project management solutions equip startups with productivity tools to better deal with their challenges and address them. They are able to implement their tasks and projects in a planned and streamlined manner, increasing the chance of success in their endeavors.

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