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8 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Customer Service

Worldwide, customers are already fed up with poor customer service despite the claims of most companies that they put customers first. Sometimes, the concern is the overall lack of concern on the part of the company that results in a continued decline in customer satisfaction. Fortunately, we can use social media as a tool to bridg the wide gap between service and satisfaction. Here are some ways social media can enhance customer service.

Connecting with the customers

Social networking profiles specifically created for your business are more appropriate for reaching customers. They are like a venue where customers can direct their questions and concerns to you, especially about products and services.

Encouraging feedback

Some social media platforms have useful tools and features (i.e., star ratings, quizzes, polls, etc.) for giving feedback about the company, employees, and offerings. Once you know the needs and wants of your customers, you can then act on that feedback to improve satisfaction.

Monitoring feedback

Apart from responding to feedback, social media simply gives you an awareness of the public perceptions about your brand. You can track “brand mentions” and read conversations about your brand and product before saying your piece.

Dealing with negative feedback

Through social media, you can also log suggestions and complaints. Suggestions can be used in generating ideas to improve your product. On the other hand, complaints must be prioritized and handled correctly by setting up a policy that deals with them in an efficient manner. After investigating each complaint, you can immediately offer solutions to the customer.

Observing competition

You monitor brand mentions regarding you and your competition without being too blatant about it. You can read consumer reviews online where consumers share their experiences with your brand and other brands.

Determining what customers need and want

Based on the feedback, you can tailor your offers to the needs of the customers. Also, if the same queries come up, you may simply add a new question to your FAQ page. Evidently, internal processes are changed for the benefit of the new customers.

Communicating changes

Whether it is a big or small announcement, social media is the right platform to do just that. The same goes with internal changes wherein the company can let the employees know more specifically when it is about dealing with the customers.

Empowering teams

Changing customer service starts with a clear understanding of how to provide outstanding service. Your people should know. Apart from having a social media manager, make sure that all the organizational members have one goal in mind. In return, pass good feedback to the relevant teams or team member(s).

No one can deny the power and influence of social media in improving customer service. Nonetheless, let us not forget that these are just tools. What is more important is having a customer service mindset. Make sure that your people are consumer-minded. Once established, using the tools will become natural. Build meaningful conversations to build social capital. Social capital will sustain your business through the trying times. Social capital also builds brand loyalty and advocacy which are what digital brands need today more than ever.

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