9 Writing Tools for High-Quality Content Creation

If you want to write professionally in the 21st century, you need to be up to speed on the best tools that you can use to become a better, more productive content creator. Even if you’re one of those writers set in your ways and Microsoft Word is the only writing tool you accept, it can’t hurt to try something new.

The Internet is filled to the brim with tools that help people write and create content for their websites, blogs and other platforms. The problem is, which tool is the best? Well, the best one is the one that fits your needs best. Here’s a list of your potential favorites for content creation – all of them great at what they’re made for.


This is a great single-purpose tool for creating interactive lists. Create a new list, post it on your website or blog and users can vote on items in your list or add their own. It’s a great way to engage with your community by finding out more about them and what kind of content they like. An you can aggregate more content at the same time, how great is that?


This is a fantastic service for content creation. When you need something written and you don’t know the subject matter well enough, why not ask a professional? These guys mostly edit academic papers for college students, but they can do almost any writing job. They’ll find someone who specializes in the subject you need written about.

Hemingway editor

A powerful tool that writers can use to analyze their work. Input your text and the app will color-code it, pointing out things that you might want to change. The goal here is reaching Hemingway’s own standard of simplified complexity. Sentences that are too long and clunky, phrases in passive voice, adverbs and words that you can change for simpler ones are all highlighted for your convenience.

Byword 2

This is a simple, streamlined piece of cross-platform text editing software. The key features here are the understated design and cross-platform capability, not to mention keyboard shortcuts. Perfect for all you Apple-files out there, don’t spill your flat white out of excitement!


Evernote is an old favorite. Basic features include creating clippings from webpages you want to save and syncing across all platforms. If you want to get the most out of Evernote, you’ll need to purchase the premium version, which will unlock up to 10 Gb storage and access to notes when offline. And with Evernote’s ever-growing list of products you can supplement the main thing with no problem.


Here’s a simple, bare-bones app for writing. It boasts being distraction-free by creating a clean, no-clutter interface. The app also provides you with at-a-glance information that’s important if you’re writing for the web: word count and how long it’ll take to read it.


If beautiful infographics is what you want, Piktochat is the place to go. This tool is incredibly easy to use with its drag and drop interface, even a non-designer can make this work. Import your spreadsheets, pictures and texts to create a highly customizable infographic that’s perfect for what you need.


This is a fantastic tool for everyone who wants to get their content noticed on the Internet. Input what you want to write and the service will give you data to suggest how it will perform, before you write it! It can provide you with guidelines on how to craft your work so that it can have the big impact it deserves. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website or blog, users cite that this tool has helped them increase traffic 4.4 times by calculating your site’s ability to compete in certain areas.


Use Storify when you need to make a social media event comprehensible to all the late arrivals. This website provides a unique way to create an article – by embedding tweets, instagram posts, gifs and other social media staples to create an article. The website has hosted everything from independent breaking news coverage to brand campaigns, you’re sure to find a good use of it.

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