logo Offering To Put Your Face On A Billboard In Times Square

August 24, 2011

1:04 am

How's this for a viral promotion?, which we covered previously, as it was founded by Tony Conrad and then quickly acquired by AOL, has launched a campaign that could land your face on a billboard in Times Square. That's right, the popular profile platform that enables users to create a simple yet classic online identity that aggregates your other online profiles (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc) into one place is drumming up some buzz with a new contest.

This added attention to will help to introduce a handful of features that users may not realize exist. First and foremost is the email inbox, which is powered by AOL Mail. Secondly, also offers a full directory of profiles and the ability to stumble through the directory to random profiles. analytics will probably catch your eye as well, as it shows just how much love your profile is getting from others (and includes Klout integration so you can see your own influence scores).

This promotion seems to be an effective vehicle for highlightin those features (and increasing traffic and number of profiles) –  we've noticed a number of people have been sharing their profiles around the web trying to get votes. itself plays on vanity so it could go without saying (but won't) that this campaign fits perfectly with the product. Well done.

The contest that kicked off today is to determine the new face of Anyone with an account can enter, and the 3 top vote getters will win and be part of the Fall ad Campaign in Times Square. I just entered here and Jen Consalvo also entered – so give us a vote if you like. To find out more details or to enter yourself, visit In Times Square. The last day of voting is September 20, so time is ticking to get your face in the middle of Times Square! Good luck.

Disclosure: founder Tony Conrad is an advisor to Tech Cocktail.


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