AppMail Announces Innovative New Email Marketing Feature

The new marketing tool allows customers to engage with an email, rather than needing to click a link.

AppMail has developed a feature that allows a customer to interact with a business’s service through the body of an email, rather than needing to click a link and be taken to an external site.

By using AppMail’s newly developed ability to allow customers to engage with check-in and seat selection within the email itself, businesses like LATAM Airlines have reported a spike in engagement and conversion.

This convenient and time-saving feature means that customers could be less averse to reading or clicking the content of an email, and can lead to more conversions and engagement.

AppEmail’s New in-email Feature

It’s an accepted fact in email marketing that recipients don’t always click on links. In fact, the average click through rate for emails is around 10.29%.

That is why AppMail’s new development might be welcome news to the world of email marketing. In the case of LATAM airlines, instead of needing to click a link in order to check in to a flight or organise seating, customers could do that all through the email itself.

After implementing the ability to check in and choose seats on their emails, LATAM experienced a conversion increase of 37%, with 90% of users engaging with the content for at least 18 seconds (which is a long time in the world of email marketing).

Not only is this obviously beneficial for LATAM’s email campaigns, A also allows for better streamlining of the entire airport routine, as check-in lines can be significantly reduced.

AppMail ecommerce

What Does This Mean for the Future of Email Marketing?

Some people incorrectly believe that email marketing has plateaued in terms of what it can offer a business. While this wasn’t true even before, this development might stand to breathe new life into the industry.

When presented with this new development, we had a couple of questions. We reached out to Shi Li, CEO and founder of AppMail, and asked him about his product.

Will the technology that allows this function cause a rise in email marketing fees?

“AppMail is performance marketing, the fee is derived from increased revenue. So in reality it should be less costly. However due to the complexity of dynamic email integration, cloud service and data automation required, if brands try to build everything in house they will likely see an increase of CAPEX (capital expenditure).”

Is this feature patented strictly by AppMail? Or will other EM software be able to integrate this into their own service?

“AppMail has airline use case patent approved, and a pipeline of other use cases utility patent-pending. Other EM Software can certainly integrate the technology as long as it is not an infringement of our IP.

“If this technology was to be used responsibly by email marketing software, it could change the world of email marketing, making it easier for customers to engage with a product or service, therefore giving the business more conversions and engagement.”

What Email Marketing Can Do for Your Business

Unlike conventional advertising, such as billboards or commercials, email marketing doesn’t rely on chance sighting – instead, it gives you full control of when information appears in peoples’ inboxes, and who receives it.

Email marketing even has a lot of advantages over other forms of digital marketing. Due to the broadness of an email list’s audience, as well as the ability to manage when a message is received, leading to higher visibility, email marketing is often cited as a big success when it comes to return on investment (ROI).

If you’re looking for and email marketing platform for a small business, we have you covered. Our list of the ten best email marketing software will allow you to fill any niche that your business needs.

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