5 Actionable B2B Growth Hacks with Fast Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a lot of practical B2B growth hacks online, but most are really only good in theory and lack practicality (i.e., rarely working). After trying and testing a lot of them (mainly on SaaS businesses), I found five to work almost all the time.

Below, I created a handy infographic with all five and the specific action steps needed to be implemented for each. All of these growth hacks can be implemented in one business day and require no more than 4 steps.

Although numbers 3 and 4 are only applicable to SaaS, the rest can work for any B2B business. Here are the requirements for each of these growth hacks:

Requirement for growth hack #1: You need a good number of customers/users. A software for Net Promoter Score can help.

Requirement for growth hack #2: You need a blog with some posts, consistent posting history and follow some guidelines.

Requirement for growth hack #3: You need to have a SaaS.

Requirement for growth hack #4: You need to follow the site’s guidelines.

Requirement for growth hack #5: You need at least one well known competitor

Of course, as with any tactic, you can’t expect to make your business explode, but they are small and quick wins that a hustler could implement in a weekend and see some nice results.

Source: WeeklyGrowth

Growth Hacks Infographic

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