BePerk Looks to Create a Social Media Platform Away from Toxicity

BePerk is a new social media network that looks to create a healthy and safe platform away from the typical toxicity

A new player has entered into the competitive arena of social media networks. Founders of an app known as BePerk have taken a look at the current climate of social media and decided that enough is enough, deciding to do what they can to create a kinder realm.

BePerk users have absolute control over their profiles, from the big matters such as their general privacy settings, down to the minute details of whether people can see the amount of likes on a post. They hope that this control will allow users to feel more comfortable in their own profiles.

Not only does BePerk offer a sanctuary away from the perceived toxicity of social media, but also makes sure that it offers top-level security and even options for parents whose children are using the social network.

What Is BePerk?

BePerk claims to be “an app that offers users full control of their content to minimize social media bullying, anxiety, judging, comparison, depression, loss of self-esteem, social media addiction, stress, and pressure.”

Control is the name of the game, as the app allows users to be in full command of their own profiles.

For example, users can post “thoughts” which are similar to “stories” on Snapchat and Instagram. Users can even control how long others can read their thoughts by using a timer.

BePerk users can make their comments, likes, and views public or private, and will be able to view who read their thoughts. All of this is in an effort to make a user’s page their own kind of sanctuary from judgement.

The Future of BePerk

BePerk is so new that assessing its future potential is difficult, but if it lives up to its mission statement, it’ll be a breath of fresh air in the current social media climate, which isn’t exactly known for its wholesome circle of hand-holding.

If BePerk becomes a success, it might force the social media giants like Twitter or Facebook to become more conscious of the toxicity within their own platforms, and hopefully push them to make strides in minimising the hate and bullying that pervades them instead of letting it run rampant.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to make your social media presence known, especially for your own small business, check out our top social media management tools, which can help you run your business’s social media presence smoothly. Maybe you’ll even help make those social media climates just that little bit nicer.

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