Best Amazon Fire Tablet Black Friday Deals

November 21, 2018

5:31 am

Black Friday is an amazing time to snap up a deal on an Amazon tablet. The Fire tablet range are already significantly cheaper than most Android rivals – let alone iPads. But come Black Friday, Amazon lays on further discounts to entice shoppers.

They may be cheap, but the Fire tablets are perfectly respectable. They run a variation of the Android operating system, so you’ll find all the main apps you could want. Still, there’s an Amazon sheen to it all – you’ll find plenty of pushes towards Prime TV or Kindle book downloads.

If you’re buying a tablet for a child, these are among the best value models you can go for. There’s even a Kids Edition range of Fire tablets. The key differences?

Kids Edition

  • Slightly pricier
  • Parental controls built-in
  • Shock-absorbing design for accidental drops
  • Range of bright colors

The Kids Edition Amazon Fire tablets are already on sale for Black Friday, while the regular models won’t see discounts until 22 November, the day before Black Friday. It’s cheaper to wait for the regular models to come down in price, but the kid-friendly features on the children’s range may appeal.

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Best Black Friday Amazon Kids Tablet Deals

Looking to buy a tablet for your kids? The deals have already begun, with Amazon cutting the prices on its ‘Kids Edition’ Fire tablet range. There are three models to choose from:

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet – the most basic model, with a non-HD screen. It’s the cheapest of the range, but worth being aware the non-kids edition is even cheaper. After 22 November, the regular Fire 7 tablet will be just $29. Scroll down for the deal.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet – probably the best inbetween model to go for. Though not as large as the 10-inch tablet, the screen is good quality and the price is much lower. Again, the regular non-kids version is cheaper, still (after the 22 Nov).

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet – you’ll see a pattern emerging here. While the Kids Edition 10-inch tablet is cheap, it’ll be even cheaper to snap up the non-kids version after 22 November. Even so, the 10-inch Kids Edition is a great tablet, with a good screen size and simple parental controls.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

  • On Sale Now
  • $69.99 — $30 off
  • Extra Deal: Buy 2 for $119
  • Basic tablet that’s great for kids
  • Available in blue, yellow or pink
  • Simple parental controls
  • Storage can be expanded with a memory card

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

  • On Sale Now
  • $89.99 — $30 off
  • Extra Deal: Buy 2 for $149
  • Available in blue, yellow or pink
  • Better quality screen than the basic 7-inch model
  • Expandable storage space (microSD card slot)
  • Parental controls

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

  • On Sale Now
  • $149.99 — $50 off
  • Extra Deal: Buy 2 for $249
  • Available in blue, yellow or pink
  • Largest screen in the range, 10-inch Full HD
  • Parental controls
  • 32GB storage plus memory card slot

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Best Black Friday Amazon Fire Tablet Deals

Wait Until 22 November

If you’re after a non-kid’s Amazon Fire tablet, you will need to be just a little more patient. That’s because Amazon’s discounts won’t begin until 22 November, the day before Black Friday (Dark Gray Thursday?)

This discounts are outstanding, and Amazon is clearly willing to cut the prices on its tablet range to get customers into the Amazon ecosystem.

These are still genuinely respectable tablets. While the Fire 7 is on the basic side (the screen detail is a long way off an iPad’s), the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 are far better than their modest price tags might suggest.

Fire 7 with Alexa

  • On Sale From 22 Nov
  • $29.99 — $20 off
  • At this price, the Fire 7 with Alexa is the ultimate bargain tablet — it won’t beat an iPad, but you cannot get better for less.
  • It has a 1024×600 7″ LCD display and uses Amazon’s FireOS version of Android, so it should feel familiar to most people
  • It also features Alexa, and has up to 256GB expandable storage

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Amazon Fire HD8 with Alexa

  • On Sale From 22 Nov
  • $49.99 — $30 off
  • Arguably Amazon’s best tablet, the HD8 gets improved specs all-round with only a modest price increase
  • Sharper 1280×800 resolution screen, more Ram and storage and up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Alexa is available all the time

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Amazon Fire HD 10 with Alexa

  • On Sale From 22 Nov
  • $99.99 — $50 off
  • The Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s most expensive and highly-specced tablet with a 10″ 1920×1200 display, 2GB Ram and an upgraded processor
  • The Show Mode Charging Dock also turns the Fire HD 10 into, effectively, an Echo Show, giving you two devices for the price of one. You can read more about how it works here.

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