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Top Tech Christmas Gifts for 2019

Tech makes for great presents, and we're sure you'll be able to find something to suit everyone this year, regardless of your budget. We delve into this years gadgets to find you the perfect presents.

Smart Devices

Amazon Echo Flex Review

The smallest, and newest addition to the Echo family, the Flex, is Amazon’s attempt to get its smart devices into more homes, or simply get existing owners to buy more of them. With its $25 dollar price tag, it undercuts Amazon’s own Echo Dot smart speaker considerably.


NordVPN Launches NordPass Password Manager

VPN giant NordVPN has launched its latest product, NordPass, a dedicated password manager that aims to reduce the stress of having to remember, and create, new passwords. It comes with a suite of features, including sync across six devices, major browser support, and two-factor ...


Best Amazon Fire TV Black Friday Deals 2019

Amazon's Fire TV is a clever range of devices that are designed to make your existing TV smarter and improve your entertainment options. With a Fire Stick or Cube, it also means that you won't have to upgrade your TV set itself. We guide you through Amazon's Black Friday deals.


Best Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deals 2019

Amazon's range of Kindle eBook readers are essential for avid readers, allowing them to carry around thousands of books in their pocket. With three different models, there's one for every type of reader. We guide you through the Black Friday deals and the best models for you.


Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2019

With a VPN, you can remain anonymous online, as your traffic is routed through servers that can't be attributed to you. You can get a VPN by buying a subscription, and Black Friday is a great time to grab a bargain for the whole year. We look at the best deals.


Black Friday 2019 Survival Guide: Tech Jargon Explained

Black Friday is a chaotic time of year. The stakes are high – there are bargains to be had on the tech products you've been lusting after all year, but there's also a chance you might panic and pick up a dud. We explain what to look for and how to get it at a great price.


Apple Announces New 16-inch MacBook with Improved Keyboard

Apple has launched a new MacBook this week, with an update to the Pro range dropping into the Apple store out of nowhere, with little fanfare from Apple themselves. The 16-inch model is the largest MacBook to date, and the specs under the hood also make it the most powerful.


Twitter Staff Charged with Spying for Saudi Arabia

Two former Twitter employees have been charged by the US justice department for spying on behalf of Saudi Arabia, having been paid thousands of dollars to expose information about critics of the regime. The pair are alleged to have accessed the data of thousands of Twitter users.


Lenovo IdeaPad S940 Review (2019)

Lenovo's IdeaPad S940 represents the company's ultrabook line-up, and with its slim styling and powerful hardware, it's an appealing laptop. However, does it go far enough, and can it compete with ultrabooks from other brands? Find out in our full review.


PureVPN vs NordVPN 2019

PureVPN and NordVPN are two of the best VPNs available. We compare them side by side to see which offers the best protection, as well as the best value.


NordVPN Admits Server Security Breach

Yesterday, in a message on its site, NordVPN admitted that its servers had been breached by a third party, and that it had been left vulnerable for a short window. Despite occurring in 2018, it is only now that the attack is being disclosed publicly.