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Best Chromebook 2019

When is a laptop not a laptop? When it’s a Chromebook. Sure, they might look the same, but underneath they are totally different beasts. We take a look a range of Chromebooks for all budgets, from the Dell Chromebook 11, all the way up to Google Pixelbook.


ExpressVPN Announces New Features for Apps

Today, ExpressVPN announced that it had updated its popular Android, iOS and Windows VPN apps with a selection of new features designed to make protecting your privacy and hiding your identity online even easier. These include split tunneling and easier location selection.


Best Windows Laptop 2019

If you’re looking for a Windows laptop, you might be left scratching your head at the number of options. Big or small, detachable screens, dedicated graphics cards, Ram, and 4K screens are all up for consideration. We talk you through the Windows laptop line-ups.


Google Disbands AI Committee Before First Meeting

Last week, Google announced that it had formed an AI Ethics committee to assist with the direction of its intelligent technology. This week came an update that few expected – the panel has already been dissolved. The move comes after public criticism of its member selection.

Tablets and iPads

iPad vs iPad Air – Which is Best?

The Apple iPad 9.7 and iPad Air are both excellent tablets, with over 360 million of them sold to date. However, there are some key differences between them that go far beyond the price tag. We compare the two side by side and help you choose the right iPad for you.


Game of Thrones Tops Torrent Virus Threats

Bad news for Game of Thrones fans. According to Kaspersky, it's not just the characters that are in mortal danger, but your computer could be, too, if you choose to illegally download episodes of the show from a torrent site.


Best Asus Laptop 2019

Asus has two clear goals in mind with its laptop range – value and choice. The brand has made it its business to offer a broad selection of laptops to consumers at prices that are bound to attract attention. We take a look at the line-up and help you choose the right Asus ...


Microsoft Quietly Upgrades Surface Book 2 Laptop

Microsoft has quietly upgraded its Surface Book 2 offering, adding a newer processor to its 13.5-inch model and a price cut for the model it's replacing. The change isn't a huge one, but it's bound to be welcomed by those who have been waiting for a Surface Book update.


Apple Cancels AirPower Wireless Charger

It's been a long time coming, but on Friday, Apple disappointed its customers by revealing that its wireless charging device has been cancelled. The company cited concerns over the quality of the product, stating that it was unable to meet its own demands.


Google Announces AI Ethics Panel

Google has announced the formation of an AI ethics panel, which will tackle how the company should responsibly use and develop AI projects. Made up by a diverse group from academic, corporate and government backgrounds, the council will formulate Google's AI approach.


Best Acer Laptop for 2019

No matter what sort of laptop you’re after, it’s likely that Acer will be able to cater for you. From $200 Chromebooks to $9,000 gaming behemoths, there’s little that the brand doesn’t cover. But should you buy an Acer? We look at the models available, and let you know.


Best Dell Laptop for 2019

Dell has been a stalwart of the home computer space for years, with over three decades of experience in manufacturing and selling PCs and laptops. If you’ve been eyeing up its models with a view to pick up a new laptop, we'll guide you through the ranges.