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Website Builders

Best Website Builders For Mac

If you're looking to create your own website on your Mac, whether it's a passion project or the online presence for your new business, then good news - it's never been easier. With a wide array of services, you can build a professional looking website in minutes, for minimal cost


Samsung Accidentally Reveals New Wearables Line-Up

Whoops. It seems that somebody at Samsung HQ has hit a button early, as the line-up of its latest wearable products has appeared on the front of its dedicated Wear app. The products include a new fitness watch, fitness bands and wireless headphones.


Tesla Adds Dog Mode – Because Twitter Asked

Tesla has announced that a "dog mode" will be added to its cars as soon as this week. The reason? Someone asked Elon Musk for it on Twitter. The new mode is just the latest in a long line of improvements that Tesla has rolled out across its cars based on Twitter suggestions.


Google Shares Online Tips and Tools for Internet Safety

This past Monday was Internet Safety Day, and to celebrate, Google is dedicating the week to producing a series of articles on its blog, aimed at protecting users with advice and tools. We check the advice Google gives for staying safe online and protecting your accounts


29 Photo Scam Apps Found on Google Play Store

Security firm Trend Micro has found a cache of malicious apps on the Google Play store, masquerading as harmless photo programs. The apps have been downloaded millions of times, and serve users pop-up adverts or pornographic content, and also collect personal data and photos.


Huawei Might Start Making TVs, But Would You Trust One?

According to industry insiders, Huawei is looking to get into your living room, with a range of TVs coming this year. In a first for the tech company, it may release premium smart TVs as soon as this April. But international security concerns around the brand are still mounting.


New YouTube Scam Targets Victims with Identity Fraud

Influencers and content creators on YouTube are big business, commanding millions in branding deals and attracting legions of devoted fans. It was just a matter of time before a scammer had the idea to get in on the action. Recently, that has taken the form of a phishing scam.


Windows 10 Reserved Storage Wants 7GB of Your Hard Drive

Microsoft has announced that in the near future, Windows 10 will require allocation on your device for Reserved Storage, which will be used to download future updates to the system. This could be bad news for anyone already struggling to juggle space on their Windows computer.