The Best Tech Products for Type-A Personalities

Everyone’s particular in their own way. I mean let’s face it – we all like things to be the way that we like them to be. With all of our individual quirks and tendencies to get fussy about things from time to time, finding technology that’s able to adapt to our specific needs can be tricky. Why is that? Well, it’s tough to expect that everything in life will match up with our own personal scruples. However, the following technology advancements allow users to customize to their heart’s content – what more can Type-A personalities ask for?

Photos and Videos

In the age of visual social media – Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest to name a few – we are all taking visual media in the form of photos and videos all day long. Most people have their preferred filters that they’re able to use in-app, but often those basic filters just don’t cut it for bringing that wow factor to your media.

That’s where FilterBaker comes in. An iOS app that lets you filter photos and videos in real time, this app also allows you to create and share your very own filters. Continue being finicky with your most precious memories by optimizing their presentation potential. Truly the first of its kind in terms of video editing technology, this app is one to download for the best image quality.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Although exercising isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, we’ve all got our preferred exercise routines. Some prefer running, some prefer yoga, and others like intense aerobic exercises. But despite whatever kind of exercise you’d rather be doing, you can rest assured that technology will be by your side to help you track it.

A unique blend of fitness guide and headphones, KuaiWear offers real-time feedback on your exercise performance. Monitor your heart rate, speed, the calories you’ve burned, even the distance you’ve all while providing you with a personal coach in your ear. Do you have a daily goal you just can’t miss? Help track and follow it with this device.

Stay Organized

Is there anything more satisfying than crossing an item off your “to do” list? Exemplifying the epitome of being picky, getting all of your tasks done the way you want them to be done when you want them to be done is the best.

Thanks to tools such as Todoist, you can manage your task list to the last detail both on and offline. Even better, you can send and edit tasks to others so that the tasks get done to your exact likings and specifications. Better yet you can add filters, labels and reminders.

No matter what you are particular about, there is technology out there to satisfy even your most specific needs. So keep being fussy about the things that matter to you and let technology help you manage the things that turn you in a type A personality.

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