The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake You’re Making

Understanding how business is affected by digital trends. Most business owners understand that being visible on social media and various digital outlets is important, but integrating social tactics to digital business practices can be tricky to maneuver. Failing to understand how to properly navigate social media spaces for digital marketing is one of the leading causes of failure for businesses.

The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake

Most business owners see social media platforms as the perfect place to set up shop because that’s where their customers are. And that’s rightfully so. But the fumble comes along when businesses don’t understand the true function of social media. They see social media as a place to sell and promote products, but it’s more complex than that.

In his article on this very topic, Vishal Kataria writes:

As humans, we consume content in a specific way. We engage with content (online and offline) which adds value to our lives. Value doesn’t only mean improving the quality of lives. Making us think, moving us, making us feel something… it’s all value. We lap up content that makes us feel something. Then what happens when we switch to the other side of the fence? When we, as brands, become creators of content?

Here’s what I think. Most brands fail to create ripples on social media because they refuse to understand the psychology of a platform. For them, it is not about whether their target audience is present on a specific social media platform. Neither is it about why people are present there. For them, social media is a platform for distribution, rather than engagement. It’s about 3 entities – “I, Me, Myself.” But for humans, social media is the opposite. It’s about others.

What’s the Solution?

For digital marketing to run effectively, business owners have to understand how to navigate the two spheres. It’s about integrating the brand recognition with building genuine relationships online. Engage in the conversations that your customers are having, and build that rapport to show that customers’ comfort is a priority for your brand.

When you show that your customers are valuable to you outside of generating revenue, you’ll begin to see more of a response. Begin investing in building your community of customers rather than just approaching from a business-only mindset and watch your business begin to flourish.

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