Blockchain Company Stream Closes $5 Million Advisor Token Pre-Sale Round

Despite a slow start, blockchain technology has taken off. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the poster children of the innovative cryptocurrency model, a wide range of other companies have come out with their own tokens that could change the financial world for the better. And one of them just closed a huge token pre-sale advisor round.

Streamthe innovator of a blockchain-based token for content creators, has announced that the Stream Token has closed its $5 million pre-sale advisor round. The advisor round was led by Pantera Capital, along with Fenbushi Capital, BLOCKCHAIN PARTNERS Korea, Coinfund, FBG Capital, ZhenFund, and INBlockchain.

“Pantera Capital thinks extremely highly of the Stream team and their strategies to disrupt existing monopolies in content monetization,” said Paul Veradittakit, a partner at Pantera Capital. “With Stream Tokens, content creators are now incentivized to monetize on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, saving massive fees.”

The Stream Token was conceived as a way to allow digital media creators to actually earn a fair living from their work. Because platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook have such rigid rules about their content, creators are often exploited, losing an unreasonably large share of their revenue to these middlemen. The Stream Token will stop that.

“We see Silicon Valley coming full circle to fulfill and advance the original intentions of the internet: universal access to information, interpersonal connection that transcends boundaries, equitable economic abundance, and unprecedented social harmony,” said Greg Kufera, CTO of Stream. “We will settle for nothing less.”

By decentralizing the process, creators will not only be privy to the money they so rightfully deserve, they’ll also be able to switch platforms willingly without fear of losing their content or their viewers. While platform lock-in is a real problem now, Stream Tokens will seek to free content creators from this oppressive system that has prevented them from prospering. And this huge advisor round should do a lot to make that happen.

“We’re so excited about the forward momentum we’re generating as a team, and we’re thrilled to carry this energy into the pre-sale of the Tokens,” said Simar Mangat, COO of Stream. “We’re driven to continue building technology that will give agency to content creators and finally allow them to build the careers they deserve.”  

To register for the Stream Token pre-sale or learn more about the innovation cryptocurrency, check out their website now!

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