Marketers Need to Deliver Individualized Experiences

Whenever I talk with marketing related startups they most always say variations of the same thing: traditional marketing inundates consumers with generic noise across all channels. It’s this one-to-many approach that, they tell me, is increasingly inefficient.

It’s honestly not that hard to see where they’re coming from, and it makes a lot of sense. Today’s consumers demand highly relevant, individualized experiences. That trend has in turn made marketers take a long, hard look at their processes and realize that they need to fundamentally change their approach.

Boomtrain bills themselves as the only predictive analytics based marketing platform that was built with machine intelligence embedded in their core. That is, they’re able to generate scalable communications that are custom tailored to each consumer at a one-to-one level.

Since starting up in San Francisco in 2013, born from the seed accelerator AngelPad, Boomtrain has been able to provide over 1 billion one-to-one user experiences to date.

“Boomtrain’s technology is built upon the premise that a superior user experience drives not only engagement and performance lifts – it also builds greater long-term brand affinity,” says Nick Edwards CEO and cofounder of Boomtrain. “Our foundation is built upon machine intelligence that was designed to scale to meet our clients’ changing needs throughout their lifetime. We are the intelligence layer that sits across all of their communications.”

By algorithmically analyzing individual consumer activity, coupled with a deep semantic understanding of all of a brand's content, Boomtrain can provide a lens for organizations to deliver the most optimal user experience across all channels. It’s all about helping brands cut through the noise: Boomtrain’s predictive engines help build a personalized level of communication to do so.

Creating those experiences for each and every user ultimately leads to stronger brand affinity and user retention, both of which are top goals for Boomtrain and any brand looking to get noticed. Further, the platform works across email, website, and mobile apps optimized for custom delivery times, subject lines, and sending frequency.

“If a website has 1,000,000 users, Boomtrain will send 1,000,000 unique marketing emails,” says Edwards.

Even if you’re not a fan of marketing, you have to admit that getting a personalized touch on a promotion is going to go a lot further than a blanketed email. And while Boomtrain might be one of the only companies with machine intelligence built into the platform, there are plenty of competitors who are all trying to accomplish the same goal.

Despite the market saturation though, Edwards and his team are committed to taking Boomtrain to the top. I’d say they’re doing pretty well at this point, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any news coming from them anytime soon.

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