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SkaterTrainer Crushes Their v2.0 Indiegogo Goal

At SXSW this past year I met an entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma who was applying his engineering prowess to skateboards through his company SkaterTrainer. Specifically, Roger Hansen was helping people get past that incredibly overwhelming barrier to entry for the sport: ...


How to Overcome the Challenges of Virtual Office Work

Back in 1995 only about nine percent of all US workers telecommuted to work. Telecommuting is another way to say that these peopleworked from home, were part of a virtual office, or were part of an electronically distributed workforce. In the decade that followed...


Can Google’s AI Alter the Future for Marketers?

With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) seemingly everywhere these days – with startups utilizing AI considered the most fund-worthy by Y Combinator and many consumer electronics utilizing AI technology –  it leaves a lot of questions to be answered for ...


20 Seattle Startups You Need to Pay Attention to

Today officially marks the final day of Seattle Startup Week, but that doesn't mean entrepreneurship and innovation will be taking any pause as we wait for next year's event. If anything, Seattle's tech ecosystem will continue to grow to new heights and be bigger, faster, ...


Have you Ever Wondered How Healthy Your Lungs Are?

Time and time again I've made mention that young, college entrepreneurs aren't to be ignored. Case in point: Andrew Brimer and Abby Cohen have studied entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis, been invited to a UN Summit to pitch their idea, and were...


Camera Stabilization Isn’t Just for the Pros Anymore

A lot of time when I shoot video on my smartphone I’m convinced it’s picture perfect. The reality is, more often than not, it’s shaky because I’m moving my hands around during the filming. It’s kind of the catch-22 of smartphone cameras: they’re light,...