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5 Essential Elements of a Call-to-Action Campaign

Perhaps your website is getting more traffic lately, it’s still necessary to have a plan in place in order to convert visitors into leads. Without mincing words, call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most effective means to improve your conversion rate. Just as the name implies, CTA basically compels your target audience to take an immediate action and must be designed in such a way that they are clicked and generate leads at the end of the day.

Essential Elements of a Powerful CTA

Most CTAs serve different functions such as promoting an event, subscribing to a service, downloading useful files and purchasing a product. They also come in form of buttons, images or clickable texts. An effective CTA doesn’t happen by chance, here are some of the characteristics that makes it unique from the rest.


Colors are powerful and play a major role in every other aspect of life apart from design. Different colors often elicit different responses from web visitors. For instance, if your goal is to attract the younger generation, vivid colors work best. Whereas, subtle colors may be needed if your target audiences are professionals from a particular field. The bottom line is that the color palette should have a contrasting effect so that the CTA will be easily noticeable and at the same time attractive.


The copy of the most effective CTAs is straight to the point and compel visitors to take an immediate action without appearing to sell anything. As a matter of fact, the words on a CTA button are very crucial. Your choice of words should include action oriented verbs and words easy to comprehend. This will make it faster for visitors to get the message that you intend to convey with the copy. It goes without saying that you should be open about the actions that you want visitors to take and how they will benefit. Once they click on the CTA and end up on the landing page, you need to deliver exactly what you promised.

Size and Design

Well-shaped buttons have never failed to produce the desired results. It should be moderate in size and most importantly, appear clickable. Your web design must support CTAs to make it work. CTA buttons that compete for attention with other buttons are a total waste of time. The main reason why the spaces surrounding them should be clutter free is to allow visitors to identify them instantly. Another thing is to check if there is enough white space on mobile devices screen as it looks on the desktop version.


One way to discover the best location for placing your CTA buttons is through A/B testing. Factors like page template structure and the type of website greatly influences where a CTA button will be the most effective. Positioning CTA buttons above the fold helps to convert quickly because not all your web visitors will have the luxury of scrolling down the entire page. At times, they can be placed at other locations. For example, placing CTA buttons at the end of a blog post to facilitate sharing on social media.

5 Strategies to Help CTA Campaigns

Although there isn’t a one size fits all approach to creating the best CTAs, the suggestions below will come in handy as you design them.

Get to Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience before working on any plan can assist in creating an effective CTA. Remember that your website can’t exist without them in the first place. A web design that is suitable for your target audience gender, age, and other demographics is needed. In addition, find out about the things that appeal to them through research. Making this move will simplify the entire process.

Have Clearly Defined Goals

There may be instances where you will want visitors to do more than one thing. In such cases, more than one CTA button can be optimized on different pages to avoid competition. Don’t make the mistake of creating too many offers at once as they will only lead to confusion.

Optimize the Whole Website

As long as the CTA will be placed on your website, make sure that the content, web design and other important factors align with your goals. More so, they must have the effect of encouraging visitors to complete the required action. There are some questions that the CTA won’t be able to answer, so ensure that the other aspects of the website such as content or FAQs provide the right answers.

Track Your Progress

It’s imperative to frequently track and analyze your CTA performance in order to evaluate the performance of your site. Tracking metrics using the right tools always provide insights that are useful for comparing and improving the CTA strategies.

Keep Testing Everything

AI is gradually becoming one of the viable tools to automate the software testing process and boost its efficiency. During the testing of the CTA buttons, you may discover that some words, phrases, style, placement or colors are more effective than the others. Testing will also help to reveal what works best for your target audience.

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