What Can We Expect From Oracle in the Next Five Years?

The Oracle Corporation has been busy making its presence known in the tech industry, becoming a worthy competitor of massive global companies such as Google and Microsoft. With the company already growing at a rapid rate and their advancements and products exponentially enhancing Oracle’s performance in the industry, what can we expect to see from them in the future?

Oracle Cloud

One of Oracle’s biggest successes recently has been the Oracle Cloud. Oracle’s cloud technology has made management easier for companies across the globe as it becomes more and more imperative to adapt the workforce to the modern technological age, and the Oracle Cloud’s enhancements and improvements are only going to make necessary work processes even easier over the next five years—particularly those processes related to human resources.

As MarketWatch reports, “Organizations are having to rethink the HR function as digital technologies are changing every aspect of how a company engages with its workforce,” and in order to adapt to HR’s new technological nature, HR departments need systems capable of “enabling collaboration, optimizing talent management, providing complete workforce insights, increasing operational efficiency, and making it easy for everyone to connect on any device.”

Oracle’s latest, the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud is able to make it easy to fulfill your company’s HR needs while simultaneously keeping your company up-to-date with the latest in the technological world. Each Cloud update makes the technology even more user-friendly, thus constantly improving user experience. The Oracle HCM Cloud also provides improved analytics that make it easier for HR representatives to obtain accurate results of the company’s training for both new and existing employees, allowing these companies to perfect their learning and development courses.

IT professionals are constantly seeking information on Nagios alternatives along with countless other platforms, it’s natural for corporations like Oracle to want to advance with the cloud. It is clear that over the next five years, the Oracle Cloud is going to be an ongoing keystone of the Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Data Center in India

The advancements in Oracle’s cloud technology are making it possible and essential for the corporation to continue to expand worldwide. Specifically, in the near future, we can expect Oracle to establish a physical presence in India. In fact, Thomas Kurian, President of Product Development at Oracle, has confirmed that Oracle is strongly considering setting up data centers in India; Business Standard reports that Kurian said, “We don’t have [our own data centers in India] today, though we are evaluating it. We are in discussions with a lot of local players on it though we don’t want to give any timeline or any definite plan. But certainly, the growth that we are seeing in cloud drives demand for that.”

This definitely makes sense for Oracle—after all, globally, India is home to the company’s second-largest employee base. In addition to this, India has been taking significant steps towards facilitating a tech-friendly environment in the entire nation. India’s Digital India initiative has led many tech companies to begin expanding into India, as the program’s official goals are to bring about “digital infrastructure as a core utility for every citizen, governance and services on demand, and digital empowerment of citizens”. As Business Standard explains, “Global companies are gearing up to tap those opportunities which may result in increased adoption of technology solutions in this segment.”

With the ongoing advancements and enhancements with their cloud technology and their plans to expand into India, great things are clearly on the horizon for the Oracle Corporation.


Image Credit: Flickr/Saad Faruque

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