Alex Espenson is a recently retired business owner turned consultant, with a passion for entrepreneurism and marketing. When he isn't writing or consulting, you can usually find him out on the river with his fly rod, or hiking in the hills near his home in Boulder Colorado.


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Why JP Morgan’s CEO Worries About Tech Startups

For many years, traditional banks have had little trouble attracting customers who needed to obtain loans. However, as most people can attest, the process can be stressful and time-consuming. Nevertheless, since that's the way business has always been conducted, there were few ...


Amazon is Banning Apple TV and Chromecast, Here’s Why

Amazon stunned shoppers and sellers on its Marketplace platform by banning IP television solutions offered by Apple and Google. The action comes in the wake of soft demand for Amazon's new branded TV products. With new versions of both Apple TV and Google Chromecast...


The Ethics of Big Data

Big data generally refers to information that is either unstructured or multi-structured. Unstructured is information that is not easily interpreted or organized and it has to be micro-analyzed in order to turn that data into value for businesses and government. It can refer ...


Big Data is Not Penicillin

The last few seasons in the online business industry has seen a great deal of sexy work being penned on the merits of so-called “Big Data.” Although there are many advantages to Big Data, it should not be looked at as a cure-all for...


What Can We Expect From Oracle in the Next Five Years?

The Oracle Corporation has been busy making its presence known in the tech industry, becoming a worthy competitor of massive global companies such as Google and Microsoft. With the company already growing at a rapid rate and their advancements and products exponentially ...


Lessons Learned From MLB Cardinals Hack

Last month, The New York Times reported that the St. Louis Cardinals were under investigation by the F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors for hacking into the Houston Astros database that houses internal discussions about trades, player statistics and scouting reports. How ...


7 Tips to Driving Traffic Through Video Marketing

Video is an excellent way to increase traffic and exposure for your brand and business. Are you effectively using video in order to market your business? Using different kinds of video should ideally be used in order to connect your products and/or services with...


Amazon is Already on Top, Why Keep Innovating?

To the everyday consumer, Amazon is known as a online retail giant and digital bookstore. Whether you’re looking for next semester’s books or plastic utensils to stock the breakroom, Amazon has it all. Despite the unlimited products offered, Amazon is also leading the way...