Can Sex Make You More Productive at Work?

Who doesn’t like to have sex? Apart from being pleasurable, it can also bring you many benefits. Specifically, sex can improve your productivity at work. Of course sex can’t be the only factor in boosting productivity, but believe it or not, it can play a significant role. First off we will start by understanding the principal components of productivity. Then we will explain how sex and those components are related, so that you can understand how sex can make you more productive in your day to day life.

The Components of Productivity

Productivity is predicated on focus, creativity, and energy. While there are certainly other components such as motivation and discipline, for example, we will restrict our scope to ones that are impacted by sex.


Without focus there is no way to be productive. Because if you can’t focus on a concrete task, then you will always find yourself losing time. After closing this short section, you will discover how sex can increase your focus and allow you to get your work done much faster and with a higher success rate.


Creativity is another main component of productivity. Of course, there are certain areas which require more creativity than others. If you are a writer, then you need plenty of creativity in order to maintain a steady workflow. If you feel you are lacking in this key area, then you are about to discover how sex can change this situation and allow you to maximize your creative juices.


If there’s no fuel, then there’s no productivity. Energy is your fuel, so you need plenty of it. Apart from having a healthy diet and lots of exercise, you need an active sex life. We will explain in a few moments how sex can skyrocket your energy and help you to achieve all your goals.

Sex: Focus, Creativity and Energy

Sex and Focus

In order to be happy you need to focus on something. How is it related to sex? Because this is the unique activity on which people show a lot of focus. Only a small group of people experience a lack of focus when making love, which is about a 10 percent according to some studies.

When you have sex you are training your mind to stay focused. That’s why it’s reported that sex contributes to mindfulness, the state of mind which allows you to keep focused on your work. As we have seen sex contributes to having a better focus capacity, so have plenty of it!

Sometimes it’s kind of hard to have an active sex life if you don’t have a partner. Of course you can always resort to casual sex, but some of us lack of the correct pick-up techniques, which make a lot harder to have those one night stands. But don’t feel bad, because you can always substitute this lack of sex with the help of some sex toys. One of them — which seems to work very well — is known as Fleshlight. So, if you can’t have sex regularly you should considering purchasing a Fleshlight.

Sex and Creativity

There are studies which seem to confirm that people who have sex everyday tend to be more creative. As we have seen sex brings you a state of mindfulness with increased focus, and this at the same time promotes creativity.

But for this concrete case, instead of adding just fluff, we have to name an important hormone: oxytocin. During sex this hormone is released, and it has been found that it increases cognitive flexibility, therefore promoting creativity. So if you want to be more creative, you’ll be best served by having more sex in your life!

Sex and Energy

Sex has always been related to energy. We can confirm this by checking that there are ancient practices, just like Tantric and Taoist, which have always tried to exploit sexual energy. But we won’t talk about that in this occasion, because we would have to talk about sexual energy transmutation, which is often attached to the esoteric world, and the objective of this article is to keep everything as down-to-earth as possible.

How are sex and energy connected? First off, people who have sex everyday get sick less often. This happens because sex boosts your immune system. And that’s the first connection between sex and energy, because if you remain healthy then you have more energy.

If you want to be at your best then you need optimal testosterone levels, and sex is a great way to boost this essential hormone. Of course, you also need to eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables like spinach and broccoli. There are studies which have found a relationship between sex and testosterone increase. So if you want to be at your best, you need to have good T levels and sex will be of great help for this!

Sex is great, period. As you can see it can add a lot of value to your productivity. If you want to be better at work, then you need to add more sex to your life. Of course, moderation is an important factor you have to consider. Have plenty of sex but don’t abuse its use.

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