I am a young, dynamic leader and have learned everything I know the hard way – blood, sweat and tears as they say. The world of business, whatever you do, is in flux, and anything can happen. To excel as a businessmen, not only do you need to master the art of anticipation, but also the art of how to turn your risk into success. And since 2008, I have been doing just that. Editor at Rescue My Hair


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To Be Productive, Just Tune Everyone Out with Music

Listening to music while working improves productivity on a large scale. Gone are the days when organizations used to condemn employees who listen to music while working. Listening to some good music or favorite tracks makes a person very happy and improves their attitude...


4 Smart Ways to Get Investment for Your Startup

You might have a fantastic business idea that you have perfected in your head, but that won't mean much if you do not have the proper funding to not only make your business happen but to also allow it to succeed. Since there are quite...


How Workplace Fitness Improves Employee Productivity

No matter how big your business is or how many employees you have under one roof, nothing impacts your bottom line more than falling employee productivity. Your employees can be the best and brightest in the business and can produce results that stand head...


Can Sex Make You More Productive at Work?

Who doesn’t like to have sex? Apart from being pleasurable, it can also bring you many benefits. Specifically, sex can improve your productivity at work. Of course sex can’t be the only factor in boosting productivity, but believe it or not, it can play...