Meet the Celebrate 2015 Western Region Startup of the Year Semifinalists

We’re coming at you from Downtown Vegas on the first day of Celebrate 2015. Over the last few months we’ve been touring, searching for candidates who could potentially become this year’s Startup of the Year. Tomorrow, Monday, October 5, we’ll be hosting 52 companies. all from different tech ecosystems, we came across during our Startup of the Year tour.

Each of these companies will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a cohort of judges, from which only five will proceed onto the finals. By the end of day on Tuesday, October 6 we’ll have found out who this year’s Startup of the Year is and what prizes they’ll claim.

Here’s a closer look at the Western Region semifinalists:

Denver, CO


Prima-Temp’s technology provides the a precise and accurate core body temperature measurement, and then communicates that data directly to a smartphone. Specifically, they help with fertility detection, early disease detection, heat exhaustion, obesity and weight loss, sleep disorders, and cancer chemotherapy treatment. If you didn’t know, they actually won our pitch competition at SXSW this past March.

Las Vegas, NV


IndiCard is a personalized card for service industry employees, defining the service industry as anybody who earns a tip at their job. If you’re in the service industry, you can purchase a card which qualifies you for deals at our partnering locations all over town. The platform partners are companies who love the service industry including restaurants, bars, salons, and gyms. They also offer discounts to cardholders such as 20 percent off bar tabs. 

Drive Safe Mode

DriveSafe Mode has a patented process that allows users to monitor or control the devices most often linked to distracted driving. If your teen is texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, Snapchatting or using any other mobile app while in motion, you will get an immediate notification. Simply specify certain phone numbers to be called during emergencies.

San Francisco, CA


Based in San Francisco, CA and Berlin, Germany, has made it their goal is to connect potential roommates based on their personalities. Sometimes your best friends start out as roommates, but the team understands that finding people to live with can be a complete pain. They liked the way online dating platforms employ matching algorithms to bring people together, so they used the same methods to connect compatible people with the right rooms. They want to make it easier for you to find great people to live with.

Next User

NextUser’s open platform empowers marketers to deliver completely personalized, multichannel user experiences. When they receive the right message in the right place at the right time, users become customers that grow your business. NextUser provides a technology platform as well as marketing consulting services to help companies execute their digital marketing strategies. NextUser’s marketing platform is an open marketing automation solution designed to help online B2C companies better communicate with each individual that make up their audience.


FutureGift is a platform that allows users to time delay the arrival of their purchases. Their advance purchasing system enables users to schedule orders upfront for whomever they’d like: simply order and forget about it. FutureGift is there so consumers can schedule gift orders in advance, when they have the time and money to do so, instead of waiting until the last minute.


Blendoor is a mobile job matching app that helps connect tech companies to qualified women, veteran, and underrepresented minority candidates. With one swipe recruiters can screen potential candidates and job seekers can vet relevant opportunities. Recruiters and candidates will then be able to communicate in-app to move forward in the recruiting process. They also integrate with LinkedIn and Facebook so setup is simple and seamless.

Online, Western Region

People Spread

People Spread is an ad platform for startups to do influencer marketing without having to speak to anyone other than the influencers.

Online, International Region

Brakers Early Warning Systems

B.R.A.K.E.R.S stands for Broadcasting to Radios Ahead Keeps Emergency Responders Safe. The team learned that it’s not always the fault of every driver who doesn’t yield quickly enough, often times things happen where they become surprised at the last second and in these situations the worst happens people panic and come to a complete stop. With the Brakers app you will either be informed from your smartphone speaker or your cars speakers to make a safe and responsible decision.


iStaging combines augmented reality, virtual reality, and the latest 3D scanning technologies to create a more immersive tour and interior design experience. Their mission is to help people find their perfect home and decorate it.


Suncayr has developed a visible color changing product that can be used by parents to determine when their children are exposed to dangerous UV radiation. Initially they plan to focus on developing products for sensing the effectiveness of personal sunscreen.

Online, Northern Region


Content is being constantly created online, from news stories to videos through tweets to status updates. With so much information, it’s more difficult than ever to sift through all the noise and find only what’s important, which is why backstitch brings together all of your favorite websites and services into a beautifully organized experience for you to call your own personal web.


SweetBio’s first product is a membrane used in oral surgeries that regenerates tissue and bone. Millions of people have teeth pulled every year, and this new product presents the next evolution of healing. The team is passionate about shaping the future of healing & improving the quality of life for millions of people, starting with oral surgery.

IMage Credit: Pixabay

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