CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions: Developing simplified cloud-based business strategies for complicated problems

When a business grows too large, it sometimes starts to lose focus. Top tier executives may share a strong vision with their teams, but others in the company may end up clouding the overall company vision and execution. You’ve likely experienced the verbal game of “Telephone” where a message is passed from one to another and becomes diluted or vastly changed through the many iterations of the original message. In business, a diluted message can be lethal. A diluted message will often result in poor execution and that’s why there’s CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions.

Tech Cocktail: What is CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions?

Rob Sayre: “CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions (@cncstrategy) is an integrated cloud solution that provides innovative real-time strategy alignment and execution. We focus on developing strategy in the cloud using our real-time proprietary and service solutions, developing an evolving process that shows you your business performance (i.e., garnering people, processes, and financial results), and developing adaptive solutions that provide immediate results.”

Tech Cocktail: Who does CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions target?

Sayre: “We work with CEOs and executive teams and then flip it upside down and deal from the bottom up! Our current focus is small- to mid-sized companies, with expansion into enterprise-wide businesses.”

Tech Cocktail: What was the inspiration behind CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions?

Sayre: “Businesses of all sizes, shapes, industries, genres, etc., are dealing with the same thing – the ‘what keeps you up at night’ or otherwise ‘the unknown.’ The biggest problem that faces all businesses is 90 percent of strategies fail due to poor execution. Many businesses have overly complicated strategies and are not involved in the whole business, in terms of measuring and managing against the simple things – Vision and Strategies – thus creating silos. We love being able to bring back the simplicity to the business and to simply bring everyone onto the same page through our strategic diagnostic software.”

Tech Cocktail: Who is CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions’ greatest competitor and how do you differentiate yourself?

Sayre: “Our biggest competitors and potential partners are the Strategy Consulting Firms and Enterprise Software Solution Firms. We deal with:

  • Real-time snapshot of three Strategic Resources
  • Time & Cost effectiveness
  • Strategy Execution = immediate course correction
  • Results = whole business
  • Incorporate all systems/processes”

Tech Cocktail: What is the biggest advantage and disadvantage of starting up in Los Angeles?

Sayre: “The biggest advantage is the location and the enormity of the landscape, and the same is a disadvantage, and getting the message to the right clientele and investors. People still have a difficult time wrapping their arms around “cloud solutions,” and more importantly, moving from legacy solutions to the ‘cloud’ and real-time data.”

Tech Cocktail: Describe a challenging moment or a crucial decision for CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions. How did you deal with it, and what did you learn from it?

Sayre: “A crucial turning point was less than a year ago when we redefined the business from a traditional professional services firm with a great cloud based diagnostic, to a SaaS company with the same cool cloud-based strategy diagnostics that happens to provide some consulting as needed. We changed the venue, the name, and began a huge marketing and investment directional pitch.”

Tech Cocktail: What’s one quirky fact about CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions and your office culture?

Sayre: “We are all animal lovers, and since we are a lean and mean organization, we do many long virtual meetings – our dogs join these meetings and help to keep us focused and entertained at the same time. One of the owner’s golden retrievers is NOT camera shy and cannot wait to jump in his lap and join a meeting, including face-to-screen, (non) opposing thumbs on keyboard, et al!”

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