Jeff Tong is a social media strategist in Washington DC and has been a long-time contributor at Tech Cocktail. You'll find Jeff at tech events, foodie hangouts, and possibly snorkeling somewhere tropical. Contact Jeff online at @gundamwing4132 or


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DC’s 2014 Spring Startup Weekend: Recap and Winners

Looking for the next Airbnb? You just might find it at Startup Weekend DC. This past weekend at WeWork DC – Wonder Bread Factory, 13 new startups were created, money was made, $25k was invested, and three months of rent was waved away for one...


Coull: Never cringe at a video pop-up ad again

When’s the last time you actually clicked on an ad in a video online? Maybe never? Video ads are just plain annoying pop-ups, and they typically have nothing to do with the actual video–most of the time. Very few video ads actually seem interesting,...

News Why Social Media Is Your Friend For Enterprise

Do you work with a large Facebook fanpage? Confused by all the social noise across all the social media channels? Why, social media, why do you create such a tsunami of noise? Welcome is a smart social segmentation and analytics tool for...