CodinGame Makes Learning to Code As Fun As Possible

Gamification has been all the rage in the business world for a few years now. Founders, managers, and everyday entrepreneurs are applying this strategy to everything from customer service to content creation to improve productivity across the board. But while gamification has done wonders for some companies, one startup is going above and beyond to make their model all about games.

CodinGame is a French startup that is trying to revolutionize how people hone their coding skills. By providing a wide range of activities in more than 20 programming languages, this company is making it easy to learn how to code. Yes, the activities are typically catered to those that already know the basics, but the opportunity to improve your skills in such a fun way is something coders around the world will absolutely love.

“This is not just a gimmick as we have metrics to back our vision. If you mix games with learning, you get a very motivating experience,” said Frédéric Desmoulins, cofounder and CEO of CodinGame in an interview with TechCrunch. “Playing and learning at the same time is a virtuous circle.”

CodinGame brings together a community of more than 700,000 developers in 175 countries, among which 30 percent of students in 12,000 schools spread over 175 countries. Much like actual games, these activities have a finite number of levels that get increasingly difficult as you complete them. In addition, there is a multiplayer mode that lets you compete with people around the world. And that, says Desmoulins, has no limit.

“We target people who already know a bit of programming. But our last exercises are very hard and target hardcore coders,” said Desmoulins in the same interview. “And once you are comfortable with higher levels, you can fight with other players in multiplayer games on the platform, and there is no limit in this mode.”

With gamification becoming more popular than ever, CodinGame has tapped into a learning model that could churn out a new generation of skilled coders. The ability to code is integral to the future of technology, and spurring more young people to pick up the mantel with actual games is nothing short of genius. Plus, a little measurable competition can go a long way in creating a workforce that knows what they’re doing.

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