Your Content is Boring, Here’s How to Make it Interesting

You may have been blogging for months, if not years, providing useful guides and sharing your creative ideas. But it’s getting somewhat monotonous and it’s now boring.

Here are three ideas for you to breathe a new life into your content creation process.

Create Interactive Content to Increase Engagement

If readers can play on your site, they may never want to leave or they may want to be back soon. Either way is good for your site. Gamification is a powerful way to build user retention and brand loyalty and it actually doesn’t require any huge budget to create truly engaging interactive content which you can use on your site.

There two very easy way to add interactive content to your site. These companies have a fremium and paid pricing model.

Add a Clickable Infographic

If you have infographics on your site, you can turn into an interactive asset using ThingLink. You can add links and embed videos right within your image and then embed your interactive graphic on your site. It’s a perfect way to visualize your about page or tell a story of your company in an entertaining way.


Add a Mobile-Friendly Flip Book

If you have an eBook or a pdf brochure, you can turn them into an interactive piece of content by using Flipsnack. The flip books are responsive (so they can be played with on a mobile device) and you can embed them to your page. Give your infographics and digital books a new life by turning them into something your readers can play with.


Consolidate Your Content into a New Micro Site

Back in 2015 Hubspot decided to release a mini-site dedicated entirely to the holiday season. It was a big hit and included a countdown to Cyber Monday, related products for holiday marketing and a collection of blog posts that were holiday focused.

The design is nice and stylish, keeping with the theme without compromising the branding of the company behind it. Looking at the site you immediately know it is Hubspot, which is something a lot of mini-sites can miss. On the bottom they have a signup sheet for a free consultation/assessment, but only after giving plenty of content and perks for users.

If there a topic you’ve been consistently covering for a few months or years, there may be an opportunity for a mini site consolidating and promoting that content. Another option is to create an online course consolidating many pieces of content into one solid asset

Add Alternative Content Formats

Offering your readers your content in a new format is a great way to give your old content a new life. And it’s easier than you may think! For example, you can extract audio from your video and turn into a podcast. Or you can turn your web tutorial into a pdf mini-ebook.

Turning your old content into something new means giving your readers alternative ways to consume your content. It can create new channels for your content to be discovered too because you can market your books on Goodreads and your podcasts on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Playing with content formats is actually inspiring, so you are likely to discover more and more ideas. Good luck playing!

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