5 Core Members of Your Content Marketing Team

The art of content marketing involves a substantial amount of behind-the-scenes thinking and work that should be invisible to the end user. In just a few short years, this ever-changing field has gone from the domain of a few versatile digital thinkers to a fully-developed industry being driven forward by skilled teams.

Whether you’re considering a content marketing solution for your business or trying to understand the vital components of a content marketing team, it is helpful to understand the best practice before getting stuck in to the intricate world of effective, engaging content.

Content Strategist

As hybrid creatives become increasingly common, it is more difficult to find a truly inspired strategist who specializes in content as a medium. The content strategist’s role is to identify problems or challenges facing the business, to monitor competitors, and to develop a plan to achieve business objectives using certain content types and themes.

They’re here to answer the question “Why?” – Why are you creating this content, why are you placing it there, and why is it important to the business and the consumer.

Web Developer

The modern consumer has a massive array of options when it comes to content consumption. We’re all consuming content all the time – on our phones, on our computers, and on tablets. To make sure that your content delivers the best possible experience to your audience on their terms, you need a web developer with the skills needed to build responsive content platforms, and to keep you ahead of everyone else by using coding developments and tricks of the trade.


It is true that we live in an increasingly-visual age, but great writing is an absolute must if you’re putting together engaging content that serves a purpose. An SEO writer will not only help you to retain and engage the imagination of your audience, but also ensure that your content is easy to find online. Great content that nobody sees is pointless, and it’s the wordsmiths not the painters who will help you get noticed.

Data Expert

Although there is certainly an intangible quality to content that makes people decide whether or not to dedicate their time to it, there is also a huge amount of data available to help guide your content process. From social media analytics to retina tracking, a data expert can analyze the endless factoids available to you and turn them into actual audience insights. The benefit? If you understand what people are looking at, you can adjust, optimize, and enhance your content accordingly.

A huge benefit of the effective use of data is channel choice and media targeting. With the right information, your article, website, or gallery will find its way to people who want to see it, so you can craft accordingly.


The average internet user is bombarded with imagery constantly. Whether it’s a social media post or a display network banner, the modern eye has become an expert at filtering the boring wallpaper and honing in on the visually stimulating. In order to grab the attention of the distracted, tired eyes at the other end of the screen you need a visual that serves as an introduction to the story. This is where the designer comes in. Apart from crafting a compelling visual, they add a layer to your content that you can’t really afford to overlook. They also help maintain your brand’s visual identity, which helps with brand recognition despite the flood of logos, slogans, and pictures we see every day.

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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.
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